3 Tips Before You Advertise on Facebook

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Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising needs to become your new best friend. Whether you’re a larger corporation or an entrepreneur trying to get your business up and going, Facebook advertising allows you to reach your target audience and helps you build up a fan base relevant to your product or service. Below are three tips before you start advertising! (And for information on how to set up Facebook advertising in general, click here for Facebook’s step-by-step guide.)

1. Figure out your audience.

Once you figure out your audience, try to reach them through the multiple ways Facebook allows. For instance, while you set up your ad, Facebook gives you the options of choosing location, age, gender, interests, education level, connections and advanced targeting. These targeting features are easy to comprehend once you start, but the fun comes in when you start deciding what interests are relevant to your audience.

You’re given two options called “Precise Interests” or “Broad Categories,” which means you can type in anything and Facebook matches up people that have liked that interest or category to display your ad to.  It’s important to be as creative as possible when typing in interests because it allows you to really push your ad in front of new customers that you may not be able to reach otherwise. Say you’re opening a new sneaker store in Philadelphia. You’ll want to geographically target people within a radius of your store’s location, and you’ll probably put in interests such as “shoes, sneakers, Nike, etc.” But how you really gain those loyal followers is by thinking about the culture of your customer. Adding interests that also describe the behavior and likes of your customer such as Hip Hop, Instagram, Complex Mag, as well as other competitors such as Ubiq and Villa will allow you to reach the wide variety of people you want. Don’t be confined to one idea of who your customer is – with Facebook advertising you can be as creative as you want to be!

Also, if you’re looking to really have many campaigns and ads (or if you’re a large corporation), I recommend you read more about Power Editor as that feature allows you to really be efficient when it comes managing your ads. It’s also more complicated than your everyday Facebook Advertising, so contact a Facebook representative to help you out and they’ll go through the process with you!

2. Stand out amongst your competitors with unique and witty content.

You’re limited to a certain number of characters for your Title and Copy in your ad, so try to be witty and informative so that users on Facebook will want to click on your ad to learn more. It’s a best practice to have your ad direct to your Facebook Page, so include a call to action if possible such as “click here to learn more!” or “press like for an exclusive coupon!” When it comes to what image you choose for your ad (which needs to be sized to 72×100 pixels), think of professional photos with bright colors, some negative space, and minimal text. Facebook will actually disapprove your ad if more than 20% of your image is covered in text. Lucky for businesses, Facebook has just announced a new partnership with Shutterstock giving free access to their library of stock photos for your ads! When it comes to the content and imagery of your ad, make sure you put out something that you personally would feel inclined to click.

3. Optimize, optimize, optimize.

Once you set up your ad and Facebook approves it, you can just sit back and wait. If done correctly, you should be seeing new likes to your page within a day or two. If not, then it’s time to optimize your ad. It’s easy to go back into your Ads Manager section of Facebook and tweak your ad, especially because it’s quite plausible to have your beautiful new ad end up not performing at all. I recommend adding a lifetime budget for your ad (instead of a daily budget), so maybe you need to go in and change the time range of your ad. This will allow Facebook to push your ad out within the time range you give them and spend all of your allocated budget (because there’s nothing more that Facebook wants to do than spend your money!). Or maybe you need to define your interests a bit better and add in more relevant categories. Either way, make sure to go in at least once a week to view your ad(s) and optimize them accordingly!

So those are my three tips for advertising on Facebook. I wouldn’t consider it quite a science yet because anyone can go in and make an ad, so I would urge you all to try it for your own business or blog and learn the ins and outs of the system. If done well, you’ll see results and new fans to your page! If not, then no worries! It’s easy to cancel a campaign if you’re not finding any success. I will say that Facebook advertising is one of the best marketing tactics you can implement that can help you create a foundation of fans to last you a lifetime. Enjoy!

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