Archbishop John Carroll High School


Archbishop John Carroll High School was looking for a social marketing strategy focused on maintaining relationships with recent graduates and reconnecting with the older alumni community. With direct mail and other traditional marketing strategies failing to producing consistent results and donations, Archbishop Carroll knew they needed to step into a previously untapped space for them – social media and online marketing strategy.


  • Bad Rhino developed Facebook and Twitter communities from scratch, utilizing creative content and community recruitment strategies to bring alumni closer to Carroll.
  • Bad Rhino introduced a yearbook picture strategy, which highlights a new year each week. We select a number of pictures to post into a Facebook photo album, driving conversation and photo tags, which create awareness for the page.
  • Bad Rhino highlighted celebrities, including musicians and actors, who graduated from Carroll. This specific campaign has produced global attention to the page, including a RT from one of the celebrities.
  • Targeted Facebook Advertising campaigns have been an extremely successful component of our community recruitment strategy. One specific ad produced over 1,100 page photo views, a 500% increase.
  • Bad Rhino worked with reunion leaders to promote events on all social channels, leading to increased attendance.


  • Increased donations by 25%:
  • Grew the Facebook community from 0 to nearly 1,200 highly targeted users, all alumni members of Archbishop Carroll.
  • Highest monthly Facebook Impressions reached nearly 236,000, with a high of 1,900 people “talking” (sharing stories) about Carroll.