Philly West


Philly West, a popular restaurant in Missoula, Montana was seeking a one-month social media strategy, primarily focusing on Facebook.  The goal of the plan was to boost the number of community members (“likes”) and engage them with questions to boost their loyalty as well as increase the viral reach of the Facebook page.

Philly West


  • Facebook Page Facelift:  We completely reinvented the design of the page, increasing the visual appeal.  Once the page’s aesthetics were in the game, we then optimized the page with a custom URL
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign:  Our daily Facebook ad budget for Philly West was $3 per day.
  • Wildly Successful Engaging Updates:  Utilizing multiple choice, fill in the blank, and True or False style Facebook updates, we saw a dramatic increase in comments and viral reach.
  • Coupon App Incentive:  Philly West and Bad Rhino decided on a Free Order of Fries with a sandwich purchase as the ideal incentive.  A custom app was designed by Bad Rhino and then promoted on the page to ensure it was viewed.


  • Increased Page “likes”:  The page started out with only 270 “likes”.  In just one month, that number increased to 547 “likes”.  That’s an increase of 274 “likes” in just 30 days, which doubled up the page.
  • Facebook Ad Success:  Of the 274 “likes”, 211 were from Facebook ads.
  • Page Reach Increase:  Before Bad Rhino came along, the single highest weekly Facebook Reach was just 116.  Bad Rhino increased this to 10,167.
  • Higher Number of Check-ins:   We were sort of surprised about this.  The month before Bad Rhino took over, there were just 10 customer check-ins.  Over the 30 day case study, there were 44 check-ins, which represents a dramatic jump.
  • Facebook Coupon Claims:  Bad Rhino saw 40 individuals claim the coupon for their free order of fries.  What was most impressive here was that many of them were trying the restaurant out for the first time.

Free Fries at Philly West

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