How to Be Your Own PR Agent (And Build a Reputation For Your Blog)

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We all want to be successful, whether as established companies or freelance bloggers. The online competition is tough, but there a few common tricks out there that you can utilize to stay ahead of the trend. Just act like your own PR agent and watch the reputation of you and your blog grow!

Here are three tips to give you and your brand/business a head start above your competition and gain you more authority in the blogger world!

1. Use social media with a purpose. So many of us waste our social media potential by tweeting about what we ate for breakfast or posting random photos of martinis in our hand on Instagram. (OK, I can be guilty of this at times!) However, the trick to becoming an influential person in your own industry is to create conversations and initiate friendships via these social networks. Lost at where to start? Try using Followerwonk’s Twitter Bio Search to look for Twitter users that relate to you. For example, say you’re a fashion blogger in Philadelphia looking for other fashion bloggers in the area. Just use some specific keywords (like fashion, blogger, writer, Etsy, phashionista, etc.) for a quick search of who else has those keywords in their bio, and voila – instant connections!

You should also do searches on Google for blogs that could be of use to you, and start following those bloggers via their social media buttons. Once you find relevant users, engage with them by tweeting at them, telling them that you like their blog, and even bringing up a future collaboration between you two. Sounds like a lot of work, but like any friendship, you need to build up trust first before you ask for any favors or help in the future.

2. Meet people in real life. I know, I know. This sounds absurd! What’s the point of my previous point of using social media if you have to then make real life connections? Well people, the next step to networking is to get off your computer and initiate conversation with people in real life. Join different groups and start attending meetings and networking events in your area. You’ll soon begin to find that the people attending these events are also people that you may have followed already! This opens the door for more conversation and a new-found relationship between you and other people in your industry. Ask these contacts out for coffee and brunch to discuss business and life! Some of my newest friends have been made after meeting online and then meeting for coffee to discuss blogging, freelancing tips and fashion!

3. Be consistent and provide value. So you’ve made all of these new friends (real and virtually, of course), but the only problem is that your own blog or site isn’t up to par at all. Just like you’ve done research to network and make new connections, these same connections will be taking a look at your site and judging you on whether or not you’ll be an asset to them. Make sure your own presence on the internet represents you fully and that you have a worthy site. You want to provide incentive for these connections and new friends to work with you, so start scheduling daily posts and updating your digital profiles and image!

I hope these three tips will help you focus your efforts on building a stronger web presence, and always remember to be the best publicist that you can! Godspeed and good luck.

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