Instagram vs. Snapchat: Let Me Tell You A Story

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Is your company new to Instagram or Snapchat? While the Instagram “story” feature is eerily similar to Snapchat stories, both serve a different purpose and are vastly different. If you’re wondering which “story” feature you should use to reach your social media audience, we’ll be reviewing both here in this blog for you.

Instagram Stories

Creating Stories

Instagram has a few obvious advantages to Snapchat: You can tag user accounts and locations in your story, use hashtags, and link to websites using the “swipe up” feature. Instagram also has a wider selection of customization tools, from an array of colors to use when drawing on the screen, to the “boomerang” feature (along with standard video and photo) that loops a short video. Instagram, like Snapchat, has a few filters you can use on your face and color filters to enhance your photos. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can decide who can view your stories in the settings menu. If there is a specific follower/customers you want to hide your story from, you can type in their name to block them from viewing your stories.


Viewing Stories

Instagram gives you the ability to watch stories from users you follow, as well as public accounts. When you first login to Instagram, all of the stories from users you follow show up at the top of the screen. Once you play the first story, the rest of the stories that are posted will play automatically in a sequence. You can choose to close out of stories you don’t want to view and scroll through to see others. The same applies for public stories on your “Explore” page.




Instagram also allows you to reach a wider audience than Snapchat. Earlier this year, Instagram announced that they have 700 million active users each month. It’s also interesting to note that the highest percent of users (59%) are aged 18-29 years old, and 68% of users are female. This doesn’t mean that other age groups and demographics aren’t on Instagram. Instagram is growing quickly in all demographics and we’ve seen success reaching group outside of just Millennials.

Snapchat Stories

Creating Stories

Snapchat, the original “story” app, has the same concept as Instagram, but they have a few unique features that Instagram doesn’t. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat has a huge selection of stickers, including bitmoji stickers, taking the personalization aspect up a notch. One of the coolest features of Snapchat is the “cut” option, where you can outline objects/faces in your photos and use them as stickers in future snapchats. One of my favorite parts about Snapchat is it’s filters and geofilters. Each day, you’ll find a huge new selection of filters to use, along with fun and original location geofilters. As a business, you can spend a few bucks and promote your store or service with a custom geofilter. If a snapchatter is within a certain proximity (of your choosing) of your event, office, etc., they can swipe through their filters and find the one you created. The geofilter feature is a great way to promote your business, and gives Snapchat that extra one-up over Instagram.


Viewing Stories

There is no “public” page on Snapchat like there is on Instagram, so to view stories you have to manually add users by their username/geocode or find them through your linked social media profiles. When you sign onto Snapchat, all of your friends’ stories will appear on the main page. You can tap each individually, or press the play all button which will take you from story to story without going back to the main page.


Snapchat has nearly 173 million users taking advantage of its app each day. Out of those users, 71% are under the age of 34, and 70% are female. While men and older individuals still use this app heavily, a majority of its users are young females. So, if your brand’s target market is young women, Snapchat may be the app you want to reach your users through.


Still have questions?

If you’re still not sure where to go from here, we suggest trying out both for your business. Need more guidance, work with Bad Rhino on building a social media management and social media content strategy for your business.


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