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Sayonara, Pinterest! Hello, The Fancy. Described as “part store, part blog, part magazine and part bookmarking tool,” The Fancy claims to be “a place to share and discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things that define your style, to create a museum of Me.” How could you not fall in love with an idea as exciting as that?

After hearing the buzz revolving around this relatively new, social platform, I had to try it out. After quickly scanning the site, I found it be an awesome hybrid love child between two of my favorite sites, Fab.com and Pinterest. Not only can users sign up and share images of products or wish lists of funky items they find from the depths of the world wide web, but other users can then have the ability to purchase said items directly from the site! Pretty awesome, right?

See the example below as I found a sweet bed for my future apartment on The Fancy’s timeline. All I have to do is click on the image and a pop-up shows up.

 On the pop-up, you can create lists (similar to boards on Pinterest) and organize all the neat things you find.


 And then if you’re feeling really bold, why not purchase it? Bada bing, bada boom, hello awkward cartoon bed!


Created by NYC entrepreneur Joseph Einhorn, The Fancy connects people to all things new and interesting on the web. And if purchasing items directly isn’t enough for users, the Fancy has begun their own user-curated subscription service (similar to Birchbox’s business model). For $30 a month, you receive a package of Fancy goodies worth over $60 delivered straight to your door. As stated in an article by TheNextWeb.com, “The best part is that these goods are sourced from your favorite categories, and the most fancy’d items in those categories are the ones sent your way.” Perfect for the tech geeks or fashionistas out there, The Fancy is proving to be a great platform for consumers to create their own niches while also being ahead of the game when it comes to buying the trendiest and coolest products on the web.

Check out the photo below for a sneak peak of a previous package:

All in all, I found The Fancy to be an exciting platform for people in need of gift inspiration (especially for the upcoming holiday seasons) or a need to keep their shopaholic tendencies current and innovated. As for the business side, companies that thrive on unique products or new ideas would fit perfectly within The Fancy’s pages and lists of products and goods. With the power of uploading items in the hands of the users, B2C companies can potentially thrive by having their products featured on The Fancy with increased amounts of traffic and e-commerce sales (similar to trends after Pinterest first launched). Just make sure to check your Google Analytics for any referral traffic from The Fancy to make sure you can see the effect that your uploads have onto your business. So for all you users, sign up today and start browsing – who knows what neat stuff you’ll find and be able to buy! And for all you cool start-up companies and businesses, be ahead of your competition and get your name out on The Fancy a.s.a.p.!

To stay fully connected with The Fancy, download The Fancy Chrome Extension for updates on when people comment on things you’ve fancy’d or your lists.

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