Our Process

What’s important to know about Bad Rhino and our process is that we don’t consider you just another organization to toss into our template… because we don’t have one and successful social media can’t be cookie-cutter.

Your story, products, and customers’ needs are incredibly unique, so we spend time listening, researching, and learning as much as we can to ensure we create a customized process that delivers results to your organization.

Your Bad Rhino social media marketing strategy process will likely follow these seven steps:

  • 1 Analyze Current Marketing & Competitors

    Analyze Current Marketing & Competitors

    We take a look at what has or hasn’t worked for your company and competitors. Bad Rhino will ask you a number of targeted questions to uncover the truth about your marketing and our rhinos will also go out to the social interwebs and join your competitors’ communities. Did one of your largest competitors run a Facebook sweepstakes that produced tremendous results? If so, we’ll look for ways to emulate and improve their strategy for you. Maybe email has been awesome for your company. All of this is important for Bad Rhino to know and will help us when crafting your customized strategy and objectives.

  • 2 Identify Key Social Channels & Communities

    Identify Key Social Channels & Communities

    While Twitter might be king for a specific organization, it may prove less effective for another. Bad Rhino identifies the best social media channels and sub-communities for your company. We also suggest the number of social updates, discussions, blog posts, and community members that must be reached for success.

  • 3 Content Creation & Approval

    Content Creation & Approval

    Bad Rhino identifies a list of content categories for each social channel. We understand that your unique brand and story needs to be shared in different ways for your target audience to receive the message. Our expert content creators work with you to understand what needs to be promoted, what will engage and encourage a response from your target market, and in which style and voice you want your organization to have when talking to customers online.

  • 4 Implementation


    We’ve performed the research, identified where your target market is hiding, and crafted the perfect social updates for your brand. It’s now time for Bad Rhino to build buzz for your company and communicate directly with your target market.

  • 5 Community Recruitment & Engagement

    Community Recruitment & Engagement

    The “If you build it, they will come” philosophy just doesn’t apply to social media. Bad Rhino will develop a killer community recruitment & engagement strategy designed to grow your social channels and speak directly to your target market. Using our super secret tools, we’ll scan Twitter and the web for keywords and phrases that point out your target market. We then engage them in conversation, build relationships, and send them flying into your sales funnel. We’ll identify other recruitment strategies such as Facebook PPC, targeted following on select social channels, and ideal sweepstakes, coupons, and contests that will increase your communities and quality of relationships.

  • 6 Monthly Analytics

    Monthly Analytics

    Each month you receive a report that details what happened over the previous month. We share important statistics with you, including community growth, community demographics, the number of updates posted, click rates, popular content, and more. Along with a PDF graph and pictures, we also write it out to make sure you understand what worked and didn’t work.

  • 7 Strategy Evolution & Improvement

    Strategy Evolution & Improvement

    What’s the point of providing an analytics report if nothing changes because of it? Included in our monthly reports you’ll find our suggestion for strategy improvement. A social media strategy must evolve to stay relevant to your target market.

Repeat! Once we reach the end, it’s time to start over and improve the process and your success.