Pheed Rockets to Top of Social Networking Scene

Posted in Social Media Marketing on February 28th, 2013 by

Pheed 1

Ask anyone you meet to list what top apps are for social networking. You’ll probably get plenty of people saying Facebook, dozens of people claiming in favor of Twitter, others telling you Instagram, etc. All seem to be obvious choices for App Store top spots, no?

Now picture these peoples’ reactions when you tell them Pheed is up there. You may get some confused looks, perhaps even paired with a head scratching or so.

Launched last October, Pheed is still a new app that consolidates features of other top social media sites. Pheed allows you to post with text, photos, video, or record audio, giving true meaning to its “a new way to express yourself” catchphrase.

Users post what are known as “pheeds” through any medium mentioned above. Other users who subscribe may comment with what is known as positive or negative “pheedback” and if they like it, hit the “love” button, similar to “liking” a post on Facebook. They also have the ability to “remix” it, similar to a retweet on Twitter. If a user dislikes a post, they can use the “heartache” button, a dislike button similar to what’s seen on YouTube.

If they so desire, users may also charge money for people to view their posts, charging either for each view or for a monthly subscription.

Pheed may be relatively new for a social network, but it’s exploding on the social media scene in a big way.


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