What is Search Engine Optimization or “SEO”?

SEO is the process of ensuring your website is found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When you have an effective SEO strategy, your target market will happily stumble onto your website and, as a result, enter your sales funnel.

What do we mean by “found”? When a killer SEO strategy is in place, your website will be listed on the first page of a search, using specific keywords that are relevant to your business. If you’re not on that first page, your potential customers will click on your competitors, making your business virtually non-existent.  

Simply put: When done well, SEO will make you very happy.

How Does Bad Rhino Generate Leads Through SEO?

Our goal through SEO is to improve your business by gaining and converting more website visitors into customers. We’re not happy unless your target market finds you before the other guys. Here’s how we work:


Consultation:  Welcome to our “meet and greet” phase. Give us a crash course on your business. We want to learn about your target market, understand your goals and objectives, and take a look at your competitors.

Proposal:  We provide the blueprint to your customized SEO strategy. We’ve spent time researching and gathering information to fully understand how to bring success to your business.

Acceptance:  After you’ve had a chance to review the proposal, we set up another session to go over any of your questions. Once you’re ready, you give us the go ahead to start working on the SEO strategy that we’ve identified.


Site optimization:  We begin implementing the SEO strategy on your current site. 

Keyword Analysis & Management:  We maximize results by using analytics tools to measure proper keyword positioning and on-page density.

Traffic Generation:  As the power of the SEO campaign increases, your site begins to receive more traffic from your target market. We study your inbound search traffic and keywords and continue to optimize over the course of the campaign.

While most agencies have just one bag of tricks, Bad Rhino utilizes a number of strategies and tools to find the right approach for your business.

Are you ready to be discovered by your target market?