Social Media and the MLB: Spring Training Winners

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The MLB has seen a significant increase in social media activity during this year’s Spring Training. While most MLB teams are striking out, the four teams already hitting social media home runs are the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs.

bad rhino yankees facebookFacebook likes:

New York Yankees: 6.2 million

Boston Red Sox: 3.7 million

Chicago Cubs: 1.7 million

San Francisco Giants: 1.6 million

The Yankees take the lead! All four teams post regularly with content ranging from apparel to player updates. The Yankees have a large and loyal fan base, and it shows on Facebook.

bad rhino yankees twitterTwitter followers:

New York Yankees: 835,000

San Francisco Giants: 396,000

Boston Red Sox: 382,000

Chicago Cubs: 206,000

That makes two in a row for the Yankees. They more than double the other teams regarding Twitter followers. Last year’s World Series Champions come in second place. As far as Twitter appearance goes, the Yankees and Giants have the best-looking Twitter profiles. The Giants’ background is a picture of the team after they won last year’s World Series and the Yankees’ background says “A Timeless Legacy.” Both are strong and engaging images. The Yankees stick to their official hashtag #Yankees throughout the whole year, while the Red Sox use different hashtags for each season, like #RedSox2013 for example. That unique hashtag keeps fans informed, no matter what the season.

Instagram followers:

New York Yankees: 105,000

Chicago Cubs: 18,000

Boston Red Sox: 9,000

San Francisco Giants: 4,000

The Yankees win again. Although the Cubs and Yankees are both nearing 150 photos, the Yankees have almost six times as many followers.

bad rhino cubs pinterestPinterest followers:

Chicago Cubs: 1.3 million

New York Yankees: 7,100

San Francisco Giants: 5,400

Boston Red Sox: 4,000

The Cubs finally score and prevent the Yankees from a social media sweep! They have a large fan base on Pinterest and have taken advantage of it by having the most amount of pins out of the four teams. The Cubs hit a Pinterest Grand Slam!

Who is winning this Spring Training? In terms of social media, there is no competition: the Yankees are blowing everyone out of the water in all categories besides Pinterest. If social media success reflects the success of the season, the Yankees will be facing and beating the Cubs in the World Series.

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