How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking site for professionals. It’s the perfect place to make new connections and further your career. However, you can only benefit from LinkedIn if you use your profile the right way. How do you optimize your LinkedIn profile to get most from it? What are prospective…

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4 LinkedIn Publishing Tips to Wow Your Network

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How much time do you spend on LinkedIn? Since they’ve opened their publishing platform up to anyone, I’ve noticed myself on there a lot more. I’ll get a notification that someone in my network has published a new post and take a few minutes to look at it. Next thing I know, I’ve spent an…

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Increase Engagement By Writing For Each Social Platform's Unique Audience

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#472360975 / You’ve done it, I’ve done it. We’ve all been guilty of it. We’ve mass-posted a single post to all of our social media channels. The same link, same image and same copy to accompany both. It may not seem like a big deal, but chances are the audiences on these social platforms…

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Bad Rhino Reading: 4 Ways to Improve LinkedIn Profile

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Website: Social Media Examiner  Article: How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Not impressed with what your LinkedIn profile is bringing to the table? Is it not what you hoped it to be? Optimize its features to showcase its full potential and to stop wasting your time. Here are 4 ways improve your profile on LinkedIn. 1….

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How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation for Your Small Business

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Tiffany Winbush is the Social Media Manager for Hiscox USA insurance, responsible for driving social media engagement and publishing the Hiscox Small Business blog. Tiffany lives in NYC with her tech entrepreneur husband and one year-old daughter. She is passionate about empowering women and girls and volunteers regularly with the over 100 year-old public service organization…

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4 Keys to Successful Blog Promotion Using LinkedIn

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Mickey Baines is the President & Founding Partner at Fourth Dimension Partners, a higher education consulting practice. In addition, he appears regularly as an on-air guest for QVC and co-hosts a local TV show in central Pennsylvania. You can tweet Mickey @4DPartners. . . If you blog regularly to promote your business, you are putting in a significant amount of…

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Bad Rhino Reading: 5 Steps to Building Quality LinkedIn Connections

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Website: Social Media Examiner  Article: 5 Steps to Building Quality LinkedIn Connections Do your research, ask questions, make conversation and post quality information that’ll make you stand out. Here are the 5 steps to building quality LinkedIn connections. 1. Get Your House in Order It’s important to understand the basics of LinkedIn and the expectations of…

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LinkedIn Unveils "How You're Connected" Tool

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LinkedIn unrolled on Thursday a new “How You’re Connected” tool, allowing users to further connect and establish rapport with one another. When you visit another user’s profile, you’ll see mutual connections. “How You’re Connected” expands upon these mutual connections by outlining how users know each other. “Today, we’re introducing a new ‘How You’re Connected’ tool…

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Introducing LinkedIn Showcase Pages – A Way for Brands and Users to Connect

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LinkedIn unveiled a new way to connect users with companies this week with the launch of LinkedIn Showcase Pages – a way for users to connect with particular brands. For example, users who follow the Microsoft company page were limited to just the company. But now, Microsoft has the chance to create a Showcase page…

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4 Reasons To Step Up Your Game on LinkedIn

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Alex Keys is a Social Media Specialist at Solution Tree and a contributing writer at Treble. Follow him on Twitter (@Keys_Says) for daily ramblings and curated retweets. . . If you read Bad Rhino Rumblings, you’re likely active on LinkedIn in some capacity.  But, chances are, you probably aren’t devoting a significant amount of time into developing your company’s LinkedIn campaigns.  And…

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