Chief Productivity Killerphoto

At just about 10 months old, I am Bad Rhino’s youngest executive ever.  I’m a French Bulldog born in the Steel City and moved to Philadelphia at just 3 months old.  My primary job at Bad Rhino is to sniff everything and look totes adorbz as the kids say.

5 Things About Walter

  • Role at Bad Rhino: Get a cat if you want to get work done.  My job is to make sure people have fun at the office.  I also train the Bad Rhino staff on how to give treats effectively.
  • Favorite Social Channel: Instagram is where they fall in love with me. Click here for proof.
  • Favorite Food Eaten: Anything.
  • Social Super Power: Going into Super Sleep mode so my team can get work done.
  • Currently Reading: How to Get More Treats for Dumbies.  Oh, and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk