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For freelancers like myself, or even students and professionals bogged down by a million different group projects, extracurricular tasks and/or client responsibilities, sometimes we need a little help with organization. The sticky note on a desktop or wall can only do so much, so why not try investing in a project management application? Not only do they provide an easy way to keep organized and on top of deadlines, but they’re also perfect for the jetsetter workaholic since most platforms are also compatible with your iPhone or Android. Take a look at my top three project management platforms below and try them for yourself. Everyone works differently when it comes to organization, so you may like one platform over the other. Regardless, test them all out and start getting your work life together ASAP!


Astrid has been called the “perfect personal to-do list,” and it isn’t too far off from the mark. With a very easy-to-use interface, this free app allows you to sign in using your Facebook or Gmail and create lists of tasks or assignments. You can keep things private or even add friends to your to-do lists, which is a great idea if you’re hosting a potluck or want to start a grocery list with your roommates, for instance. Astrid allows you to edit details on your tasks such as its deadline and how important it is, which is extremely helpful when delegating tasks to others. The Astrid platform is one of the easiest to use out of the other project management platforms, as the layout is streamlined and very simple to figure out.

For more information on how to use Astrid, watch this video!


Trello is another great collaboration tool, especially when you’re working with multiple people on projects or assignments. A little more intense in features than Astrid, Trello uses a board and card system to track projects, tasks and people involved.  Some key features include the ability to color code cards, as well as the conversation ability on the cards itself. You can attach files and media to any of the tasks when commenting, allowing a great way to keep track of any documents that you need to find later. While Trello looks a little intimidating at first, it’s a great way to assign multiple people to multiple projects by using a simple drag and drop method on each board and card. For all you smartphone users out there, download Trello and add it on your iPhone and Android today to try out the platform!

To see Trello in action, check out this video for a better idea of how to utilize the awesome features.


Another great tool to use for project and task management is an app called Tracky. By logging in with your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (to name a few), Tracky allows users to create “tracks” to “connect, collaborate, and get stuff done.” Tracky’s interface takes a que from both Astrid in the way it displays lists of tasks, as well as Trello as it has a similar board-like display for projects involving multiple people. With two useful panes (the left being the actual tasks that are due and the right showing recent activity from anyone in your group, as well as which members are online at the moment), Tracky is a great tool to use to de-clutter your inbox and organize your groups, projects and conversations. One of my favorite aspects of Tracky is the Calendar function at the top, allowing you to clearly see when deadlines are coming up.

Learn more by watching the Tracky Welcome Video and download Tracky for your iPhone today!


With so many task management tools on the web today, Astrid, Trello and Tracky provide a cost-free option for students, freelancers and even businesses to maintain their work in an controlled and social way. After testing these platforms out, let me know which project management app is your favorite! 

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  • Try also Breeze breezeteam ( It’s like Trello but with more focus on business side of project management – it includes time tracking, reports and calendar integration.

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