10 Eye-catching Instagram post ideas to grow businesses

10 Eye-catching Instagram post ideas to grow businesses

With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram has quickly emerged as one of the biggest and best platforms to find and capture potential customers for your small business.
However, managing your brand’s Instagram account and coming up with new post ideas is by no means a simple task. To draw engagement from all over the platform and exploit the algorithm to your advantage, you need to be able to juggle the pressure of posting at the perfect time while coming up with fresh new ideas for content that engages your audience.

As challenging as it may seem, there are plenty of ways to keep your Instagram page fresh and engaging so you can generate interest in your brand and reach a wide audience by creating eye-catching instagram post ideas.

To get you started on this journey, we’ve put together 10 such post ideas to implement on your brand’s Instagram page on your way towards social media success.

1. Show off your Products
Posting pictures,videos and using Instagram stories of your products is a simple but effective way of advertising your brand. To stand out in this regard, you should follow a few rules to ensure these posts are always top quality. Always make sure the pictures or videos of the products are high quality, as a poor-quality post can be a huge turn-off for the audience. Secondly, keep your caption sharp and worth reading. A feature-rich product description is always a safe option for this. Try associating the product with your brand as much as possible, as this creates a deal of exclusivity around it. You should know which type of account is best for your business.

2. Run Teasers for New Launches
If you’re planning on launching new products or expanding your brand in some meaningful way, make sure you tease them on your Instagram page through stories, posts, lives, etc.
A teaser can be something as simple as the sketch of a logo or product and it creates a good deal of intrigue surrounding your brand, which gives a reason for people who may have just found you to keep following you.

3. Post-How-To Videos
How-To videos are a great way to connect with an audience that is interested in whatever trade you carry out. Through simple instructional videos relating to commonly asked questions related to your products, the business you carry out, etc., you can connect with your audience while promoting your own brand at the same time.
Most often, it’s simple posts like these that get the most engagement and lead potential customers to explore the rest of your page.

4. Behind-the-scenes & Workplace posts
Instagram gives you a great opportunity to truly connect with your audience and move past simply being a faceless brand with no real personality. Especially with small businesses, showing your audience the names and faces behind the things you want them to buy from you, is a great way to market and build trust with them. Also, showing your followers all the work and commitment that goes behind the products you’re offering is a great sell to them and builds a strong brand image in the process.

5. A part of your own Story
Customers are always more likely to resonate with a brand that they can relate to, and nothing draws people in better than a good story. Business-related or not, try imparting your brand’s story, or some interesting tidbits of how it came to be in a post. This goes a long way in building your identity.

6. Before or After Posts/Customer Testimonials
Who doesn’t love seeing things to affirm their choices? If you want to reassure your customers that you are the right brand to invest in, show off the work you’ve carried out. If your line of work involves big transformations, don’t hesitate to show them off. A good before and after the post is perfect for the Instagram post format and can have a great impact on the viewers’ impressions.
If that’s not easily available for your line of business, feature positive customer testimonials and feedback on your Instagram. They’re a great way to legitimize your business and can lead to increased feedback and engagement from your online audience.

7. A Nice Meme
If it fits your brand’s style and audience, memes are an excellent way to connect to your audience and create a positive effect on your brand’s image and recognition. They’re also a great way to lighten the mood around your feed. After all, who doesn’t love some good humor?

8. Shoppable Product Tags
Product tags are a unique feature on Instagram that enables direct purchases through Instagram posts and stories. With one tag, you can take potential customers directly to the product link on your website and give them all the immediate information they might need before making a purchase, like a name and a price. In this regard, they’re a great multi-purpose tool that can be effectively combined with your product placements and features to promote your brand.

9. Stay Seasonal
Always capitalize on the holidays and current relevant events. Timely and relevant posts always tend to be a big hit on Instagram, so don’t hesitate to make the best use of them, whether it’s to sell your new Christmas line of clothes or simply to wish your customers a happy international burger day.

10. Create recurring series of posts
One of the best and most effective ways to reduce the load and pressure of constantly posting is to create recurring series. This can be done in the form of regular product teasers, descriptions, sneak peeks, how-to videos, inspirational quotes, and messages, memes, etc. These themes give your brand a degree of recognizability and relatability that is perfect for engaging with an online audience.

Bottom Line
Instagram can be a tricky place to navigate, especially for businesses that are just starting out on it. But make no mistake, it is a platform with massive potential for brand marketing. If you can find the right schedule to release fresh and unique content, you can carve out an online niche in the market that gives you a big leg-up in the ever-competitive market.