Halfway through 2018 and Instagram continues to surprise their users with new features every few weeks.

While the world of social media is constantly evolving, business owners looking to utilize these platforms to grow their brand have to keep up with the trend. It can get frustrating and confusing at times, but that’s why we are here! Let’s review some of Instagram’s latest updates, and see how it can be beneficial for your company.

Username & Hashtags:

Instagram now allows you to add clickable usernames and hashtags in your bio. This is especially handy when you want to push users to other accounts that are associated with your brand.



Shoppable Posts:

We’re surprised it took Instagram this long to release this feature. One of the main reasons why we use Instagram is to see the latest products and merchandise for various businesses. And now, we are able to shop directly on the app.

But shopping is just not reserved to Instagram posts. You can also shop on Instagram Stories when available! Check out our previous blog to learn more about this cool new update.


This is where business can express their creative side while promoting their brand. Previously, stickers were just cute emoji-like stamps you can add to a Instagram Story post. And while that did not go away, now you can tag people and locations. This is especially useful for tagging influencers and gaining more eyeballs in a specific location. 



Do you have hour-long videos that weren’t getting the reach you hoped for on other platforms? Well now, you can share those videos on Instagram on the IGTV feed. Users will be able to enjoy a stream of uninterrupted, long-form content created by you.

And it doesn’t look like we’re done yet! Just this past week, Instagram released a cool new Stories feature that allows users to ask other users questions when prompted. As these new apps develop, we’re excited to see what else Instagram has in store for us.