Last week the Bad Rhino crew headed down to the City of Brotherly Love for Social Media Day hosted by Slice Communications. The day was jam-packed with expert talks from social media leaders across various industries. We learned a TON of new information about rising social media trends and best practices, but there were a few things that stuck out in particular. Read below to hear the four best pieces of advice from our time spent at Social Media Day.

No matter your size, you CAN make an impact on your followers

What works for large brands on social media will not always work for smaller brands. Smaller brands don’t always have the necessary resources to push massive campaigns forward to be successful. In Kelley Galloway’s Flash Talk, she gave 5 simple steps for small business to be creative in their social strategy: 

  • Provide exceptional customer care
  • Share your brand values
  • Get micro-influencers involved
  • Publish user-generated content
  • Be personal and authentic with your audiences.

There’s more to social than receiving likes

The event’s keynote speaker, Ben Blakesley from Reebok, spoke about the importance of creating experiences via social, rather than getting a ton of likes. Getting 1,000 likes on a post can be a great feeling for a brand, but they aren’t all that important. Basically, unless the likes you receive have value, they’re useless. Brands that are really doing it well aren’t just posting material that’ll get likes, they’re posting content that’ll spark conversations, solve problems, and engage customers.

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Brands should begin utilizing Snapchat and Instagram stories

When Snapchat came onto the scene, it was a hit with young consumers. But as Snapchat evolved and introduced “stories”, the audience for this platform expanded greatly. With the latest addition of Instagram stories, marketers are really starting to question how they can utilize this feature to reach their audiences and stay on trend. If ‘stories’ are the new ‘newsfeed’ then brands are going to need to learn how to adapt to these changes and focus on where to spend their time, budget, and creative energy. Both Snapchat and Instagram are constantly evolving, and if brands do it right, they can draw in a bigger audience they they may have originally thought.

Photo Credit is STILL where it’s at!

As social media marketers, link shorteners are our best friend. has been a favorite in our space for a while and it’s still king. One of the cool features of is that it “brands” it’s shortened links; it replaces the “” in your link with your brand name. Mark Josephson explained that branded links received 34% more clicks than non-branded ones. Additionally, you can track click data, such as the geographic location from where the link was clicked, the webpage from where it was clicked, etc. It gives the marketer a ton of valuable information about their consumers that they can use to help them market better in the future. So, if you’re looking for a personalized shortener that allows you to track consumer data, make sure to utilize

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In closing of #SMDayPHL

Bad Rhino had such a great time at Social Media Day 2017, and we already can’t wait for next year’s event! Did you make it down to Philly for the event? Let us know what you thought by tweeting us to @BadRhinoInc.