Your brand’s social media reputation will always serve as a form of currency. The better the reputation, the more sales, engagement and followers you can expect to see. With 90% of consumers looking at online reviews before they buy from a company, your brand’s reputation on social media may be the deciding factor.

Improve your brand’s reputation by avoiding these 4 common mistakes made on social media.

1. Not Engaging With Your Customers

It always feels great to see people engaging with your content on your social media pages. As a brand, we love to see comments and positive feedback. But at the same time, engaging with your followers can be time-consuming. However, this is NOT a reason why you should stay silent. You need to find time show acknowledgment, even if it’s with a simple “thank you.”

One of the most important engagements your MUST address are negative comments and complaints. You may think the problem will go away if you choose to ignore it, but that’s never the case on social media. If you’re customers are reaching out to you via comments/messages, a good customer service practice is to acknowledge them, and respond as quickly as possible. Your customers feel appreciated that they are communicating with a brand representative who is looking to help.

It’s important to remember that not all comments/messages will not be negative. There are occasions where customers just want to reach out and say “thanks!” or want to give you kudos. You should also respond to these comments/messages. Remember your social media accounts serve as a billboard for your brand. Other people are able to see how often you communicate, and if you are able to provide decent customer service.


2. Sounding Too Spammy

We may live in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean we have to sound digital. Of course sales is a HUGE component for any business’ social media strategy. But how you incorporate sales related posts into your strategy is what will set you apart from your competition. It’s important to find ways to sell your product without being too pushy or sounding like a robot. Creativity sets the tone as to how your brand’s reputation looks on social media. People enjoy original content and appreciate out-of-the box thinking.

One thing to be weary of are link-generated images. These don’t always come out looking that great, and can’t often be grainy or incorrectly cropped. If this is something you can relate to, try to include high-quality product images, or a relatable stock image.


3. Posting Inconsistently

Consistency is KEY for increasing your brand’s reputation on social media! Just like you wouldn’t date someone who can’t consistently text, you wouldn’t follow a brand that can’t consistently update their social media accounts. Your are building a relationship with your audience and no one likes to feel ghosted!

Not only that, but this will mess up the algorithm for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more social you are, the more air time you get. These social platforms will detect that people are consistently engaging with your active content, and are genuinely interested, so they will be sure to push more of your content to your audience members. Seriously, this is one hamster wheel you don’t want to hop off of.


4. Publishing Carelessly

There are no excuses for grammatical errors on social media. It’s embarrassing for your brand, and shows that your are carless and lazy. We live in a technical world where spell check literally follows your every word every time you type something online. Using proper grammar is important because it reflects who you are as a brand. If you want to keep readers and continue the conversation, it is important to use proper grammar to avoid looking silly.

Not only does your grammar matter, but your content itself is something you should be paying attention to. You’re attempt at being humorous may come off inappropriate, and you could end up offending somebody. There’s a fine line between trying to be creative and witty, and just looking insensitive. It’s always okay to get a second opinion before publishing something. Once you click “post” or “tweet”, your message will live on forever. No matter how quickly you deleted it.


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