5 Brands to Follow on Pinterest

If you thought Pinterest was mostly a tool for making people feel inspired about things from hairstyles to crafts, that’s a little short-sighted. It can also be a powerful marketing machine, as long as you have a thorough understanding of your product and audience.

Here are five brands that are making Pinterest work wonders for their marketing campaigns:

Whole Foods Market

This brand takes an all-encompassing approach to the healthy lifestyle that’s prized by the people who shop at its stores. Not only does the brand post seasonal food pictures, but it also branches out into other topics like travel, eco-consciousness and gardening. That diversity helps create a cool content stream that resonates with the target market.

You can also see an entire Whole Foods Market social media case study here.


The company specializes in garage doors. That topic may not spring to mind as one of the most interesting subjects for images, but the brand has really harnessed ways to attract and keep attention via its Pinterest page. Some of the pinboards focus on showcasing beautiful results for projects associated with wooden or steel garage doors.

However, there are also some other engaging topics covered, such as how to maintain a garage door and tips for keeping your garage organized. Clopay has captivated its target market and has done so in a natural way.

L.L. Bean

This brand started revolutionizing marketing in 1912 when it began operating as a by-mail and physical retailer. It should come as no surprise, then, that the company also packs a punch when it comes to Pinterest.

It takes a smart and methodical approach by creating pinboards that cater to certain segments of the market. From cat lovers to avid campers, people of many backgrounds will find something to love on the brand’s Pinterest profile.

Amazon UK

This British branch of the global Internet retailer uses straightforward yet descriptive words to name and explain its pinboards. Furthermore, although there are some third-party references scattered throughout the boards, most of the items are things you can actually buy on Amazon UK. That’s certainly one thing that helps perpetuate the website’s already-successful online existence.


If you’ve ever wanted to streamline your Internet shopping experience, Etsy’s Pinterest presence will help you do just that. The pinboards there are categorized into common themes.

Whether you need to buy a gift for your significant other because his birthday is next weekend, or you need a Valentine’s gift for the best friend who always has your back, you can just click into a category that most closely fits the thing you need to buy and start browsing.

The pinboard content directly links to the place on Etsy where you can buy the item. Although the website is a great place for browsing and discovering, sometimes you just need to get straight to the point with your purchase. It’s during those instances that the Pinterest boards can help you shop in a snap.

Now that you have several examples of brands that know how to use Pinterest to near-perfection, maybe you’ll feel compelled to branch out. You can either strengthen your own company’s Pinterest profile by trying some of the practices of the brands above, or you can just turn to Pinterest whenever you want to make your own online activities more enticing, or even create a social contest.