As you likely already know, guest blogging is a tremendous way for bloggers to build an audience. Many bloggers have been able to successfully turn an idea for their own blog into a popular and engaging post for another company’s site.

While some high traffic sites accept almost any post, many blogs are selective about the content that they publish from outside writers. Someone looking to break into the world of guest blogging needs to find the right company to blog for, and then figure out what that company is looking for in regards to content. Ultimately, whether you’re writing about ROI or entertainment, these five things are extremely important to keep in mind:

1. Be able to pitch your own ideas. This should be pretty obvious, but there’s a big difference between saying “I want to write about Pinterest” versus “I want to write about how Pinterest can be utilized by businesses, and here are 5 points that I want to make.” Strong guest bloggers not only possess the required writing skills, but they are able to showcase their talents through their proposals. When seeking the chance to guest blog, having two or three ideas pertaining to your niche will go a long way when establishing a connection with fellow bloggers. Being prepared with multiple ideas may also help you land a recurring blogging spot down the road.

2. Understand the importance of deadlines. As Bad Rhino’s current blog manager, I can guarantee you that deadlines mean A LOT. Many blogs that utilize the services of guest bloggers designate certain days and times for posts from those outside the company. You may have pitched a tremendous idea for a post, but what good is it if the post is late? Be sure that the blogging schedule for the site you want to contribute to is a good fit..

3. Be engaging in your posts. If you earn a guest blogging opportunity, don’t take it lightly. Just as you would with your own blog, make sure that your post’s tips and main points grab the reader’s attention. Are you being personable? Are you encouraging feedback and comments? Content that is engaging not only will help with attracting more clicks and page views, but it will also help you, the guest blogger, to interact with a new community of people.

4. When sharing your article, acknowledge the blog you’re writing for. This could be as simple as saying something like “Take a look at my new guest post for @Companyname.” Let your followers and Facebook friends know that you’re guest blogging – even if they’re not familiar with the business you’re writing for, they may be interested enough to check out the post (and explore that company’s blog more in-depth).

5. Use social media to your advantage. Thanks to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, sometimes the guest blogging opportunities come to you. Even if you’re already an avid blogger who’s seeking more exposure, monitor the social media accounts of some businesses that you could see yourself writing for in the future. Take note if they are looking for bloggers on a particular subject that is of interest to you and go from there. Even if there isn’t an open invitation online, use social media to connect with people and organizations that may be able to help you turn an idea into a successful guest post.

How often do you guest blog? Do you write for a blog that frequently accepts guest posts? Share some of your thoughts about guest blogging with us in the comments.



Photo Credit: Flickr user andyp uk