Is your business struggling to gain new followers, comments, more likes on your Instagram posts?  If this area is a problem, then it goes without saying that you’re not driving traffic and interest in your products and services through Instagram as well.  Even with great content, you could be missing the mark somewhere you haven’t thought of. Luckily, there are a number of strategies you can take advantage of to boost your page, increase engagement and drive more brand awareness through Instagram!



Post & Schedule at Peak Times

You can’t expect your Instagram content to do well if you’re posting at the wrong time of the day. The key to receiving high levels of engagement is to post at peak hours of the day when your audience is active. According to Later, the best times to post on Instagram is around lunch time (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and again after the work day has ended (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.). If you can’t find the time to upload your Instagram posts manually, utilize scheduling tools like Onlypult, Buffer, or Hootsuite (to name a few).


Share a Variety of Content

I’m sure everyone loves seeing photos of your latest product, but if you really want to reach your desired audience, you’ll need to kick your content up a notch. Try posting a company culture video, product boomerang, funny meme, or inspirational quote that relates to your product or service and see how your audience responds. By giving your followers (and potential followers) something they can relate to without having your product or service thrown at them, you can create a more meaningful presence on Instagram.


Use Relevant Hashtags

This one goes without saying. Using hashtags that relate to your business is EXTREMELY important if you’re trying to attract a certain audience. If you’re a retail clothing store, for example, you’ll want to use hashtags such as #fashion #ootd and #whatiwore. You can find popular industry relevant hashtags by doing your own research on Instagram (what hashtags are influencers & big brands using?) and by using a tool like (locates popular and trending hashtags). 

Make sure to use MANY hashtags. Try 15-20 on your pictures, adding the bulk of them in as the first comment.


Run Instagram Contests

Instagram contests or “giveaways” are a super easy way to promote your brand and increase your list of followers. During a giveaway, you’ll ask your followers to do a simple task and in return pick a lucky winner to receive a free gift. First, you’ll have to decide what you want to give away. If you’re a clothing retailer, will you give away gift basket of new products? If you’re a restaurant, will you give away a free gift card? After deciding what you want to give away, you’ll need to create a compelling image that’ll go along with the contest. When you have your prize and image ready, that’s when you create the contest entry method. There are a few ways you can go about this: You can simply ask your followers to re-post your contest image on their page, have your audience tag a friend in the comments section of the post, or have your audience post a photo related to the contest and tag your page with the correct hashtags. These are just a few ideas, of course! You can then go through and pick your winner at random, or choose whoever’s post you enjoyed the most!


Take Advantage of Instagram Advertising

Last but not least, Instagram Advertising! For this method, you’ll need to have or set-up a Business Manager on Facebook. When setting up an Instagram Ad, you can ensure your advertisement is hitting the right audience by choosing your objective as well as your target audience. There are a number of Instagram advertisements to choose from, from photo ads, carousel ads, video ads and story ads. Once you set up the ad (objectives, placement, type) all there is left to do is place a budget and publish! Once the ad has run its course, you can log back into the Facebook Ads manager and check out the results (Any new followers? Did anyone click the link?).