5 Ways Your Business Can Add Facebook Live to Your Marketing Strategy

1.Give a Behind the Scenes Look

Facebook Live is a great way to give your followers a peak into what day to day life is like in your office. In this instance, you would probably want to use vertical video filmed straight from your phone. You could give viewers a tour of your office, quick interviews with coworkers, or take viewers through fun days at the office. This kind of Facebook Live video is where you can have some fun and keep it short and simple as you want. Dunkin’ has a entire section of videos dedicated to Facebook Live. They utilize this feature to showcase new coffee flavors, make announcements and give a behind the scenes look of new stores. If your looking for examples of how to use Facebook Live for your business, taking a look a Dunkin’s live videos is a great place to get some inspiration.


2. Broadcast an Event

If your business is hosting an event or speaking at a conference, broadcast that to your followers! Facebook Live allows viewers to feel like they are really in on the action and allows them to see an event they would have missed otherwise. Take advantage of the power of technology and the connecting abilities Facebook has to offer. The ASPCA used Facebook Live to give their viewers an inside look of a milestone event they achieved. Although Facebook live can be preplanned, in the instance of wanting to live stream a conference or event, sometimes the biggest milestones are the unplanned ones. That’s why Facebook Live is a great tool to allow your viewers to see the real moments that happen throughout your company’s day.


3. Host a Q&A

Invite your followers to ask questions before hand and go live answering all of their questions. Be open to new questions that are asked in the comment section. This encourages your audience to engage in a conversation while clearing up questions your clients may have. Live broadcasts can last up to four hours, so you have plenty of time to answer the questions your viewers want the answers to. Sephora hosted a Q&A with a beauty expert using Facebook Live- and it looks super simple! The host sat with the expert and had an iPad ready with questions the viewers had prepared. The host read the questions and the expert answered- easy as that! Another aspect Sephora executed well here was the preview they put before the live video started. It stayed up for 30 seconds before the actual video started, giving viewers time to tune in and remind them what the video they were about to tune into was about.



4.Showcase Products

Facebook Live can be the perfect place to show your followers your products and how they are intended to be used. Whether you are showcasing products you already have released, or giving viewers an exclusive sneak peak into a new product, Facebook Live is the perfect platform. Use live videos to first show off the product, but also explain how they work and why your followers should be interesting in buying. Creating a conversation around your product is a great way to create excitement about your product. Don’t forget to answer your viewers questions they leave in the comment section too!

A great example of this is Nordstrom’s live video for a collaboration with Ouai Haircare. A hairstylist styled a model’s hair from start to finish using just Ouai’s products. Nordstrom also made sure to answer viewer’s questions regarding the products in the comment section. This live video not only promoted Oaui’s hair products, but also allowed viewers to know that they could buy them at Nordstrom.


If you are interested in learning more on how Facebook Live can help your business’s presence on social media, feel free to contact us!