When someone visits your website, your goal is to pique their interest and make them want to know more. Website optimization is essential in our current world. Every day, people are visiting hundreds of websites to find answers to their questions. You have to be sure to make your intent clear and concise so that it’ll stand out against the others. This is especially true for the way you present your site when someone first clicks the link. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of 7 questions your website should answer in the first 10 seconds of looking at your site.

1. Who You Are

It’s the first thing a visitor wants to know when on your website, especially if they’ve come in from a cold traffic source.  Your “About” page needs to be clear and to the point. It can also include a short video to engage the audience from the start.

2. Why You’re Important To Them

What value does your company and services bring to your website visitors. This needs to be clear from your homepage and landing pages.

Just as the “who are you” part should be very obvious, so should the reasons that this viewer should care about your content/service/product.

3. What Makes You Different

It’s your websites job to explain why your service is the best choice for your customer. Whether that’s due to an exceptionally strong or unique product offering, top customer service, length of business, or any the other various reasons, make sure your website clearly defines this.

4. Does Your Website Have a Great User Experience

Your website layout being simple and user-friendly for both computers and mobile devices is a critical part of website optimization. If buttons don’t work, your website loads slow, or if information is scattered all over, you’ll lose their interest, attention, and business.

Tasty Table’s website features multiple tabs at the top that are clearly labeled, making navigation from the home page very simple.

5.  Cost of Services

Finding prices for your goods or services should be easy and no more than a click away. After a person’s questions are answered about who you are and why you’re the best, they’re going to want to know what the potential costs are.

6. Are There Reviews

If you have great testimonials, reviews or even mentions in national publications, these should be found quickly on the homepage.  People never want to feel like they’re the first person buying something and the social proof only helps with trust & credibility.

Casper, a mattress and sleep company, has a page dedicated to reviews and testimonials, like the ones pictured above. These glowing reviews enforce the idea that the company can be trusted and has a good reputation.


7. How Can They Contact You

Website visitors will want to know that they can easily contact you with questions, customer service requests, etc.  Including a phone number, email, and contact form shows potential customers that there are many ways to get in touch.  You can also include a chat bar for an automated or live option.

Website optimization is an increasingly important digital marketing tool to have under your belt, and something your business won’t want to miss out on. Just like you take the time to do website maintenance, you want to take time for website optimization too. Want more digital marketing tips? Contact us at Bad Rhino!