Admit it, we all want more social media followers. While it might not be your key metric, we can all agree that 10,000 social followers, is better than 1,000, right?

The key here is to grow a following of targeted audience members…aka customers. Buying followers is not the route to go (yes, people do that and it’s wrong for many reason) so you want to find a way to cultivate a following that is organic and comprised of real, active users.

Instagram is full of “bot accounts,” which are basically fake accounts made my bots, posing as real accounts. As of 2018, there were around 95 million “bot accounts” on the platform alone. Having a following made up of these fake accounts is not ideal. As a business, you want people to be following you because they enjoy your content and like your brand. That way your followers are actively engaging with your posts. For example, have you ever seen an account with thousands of followers but only accumulates a small amount of likes per post? In this instance, that account most likely has many fake followers, or “bot accounts.”

Let’s take Instagram followers for example. One super easy way to combat this issue of fake followers is to track your following using a free auditing tool. IG Audit is a website in which anyone can track an estimated amount of real followers on any public Instagram account. All you have to do is go to and type in your username. From there, your account’s average and comment count will pop up as well as your estimated real followers percentage. My Instagram has a estimated real followers percentage of 72%. Weird, right? I have never bought fake followers or even noticed fake accounts following me.




My next step here would to download an app that allows me to get a deeper look into my followers. There are many free Instagram analytics tools in the app store. I like this one called “Followers Pro + for Instagram.” This app, which allows in-app purchases, allows you to see followers lost and gained and accounts who you are not following back or who are not following you back. Even the most basic, free version of this app can give you good insight into your following. It is an easy way to sort through your followers in particular. Go through this list, if you think you spot fake accounts, it might be useful to remove them as a follower. Remember, quality is more important the quantity when it comes to your following. You would rather have 500 active and engaged followers than 10,000 fake followers.

Another important thing to note is your ratio of who you are following to who is following you. This ratio says a lot to people visiting your profile. When you are following more accounts than you have followers, you are sending a message that not as many people want to see your content. For instance, you followed all these accounts but they did not find your content interesting enough to want to follow back. You want to send a message to profile visitors that your content is something they want to see. By showing that you have more followers than accounts you follow, you send that message that they should want to follow you too.

Twitter has a great tool for tracking analytics. If you go to and sign in, this tool gives you great insight on your engagement. You can see your tweet impressions, number of profile visits and mentions over a span of 28 days. Twitter also gives you a monthly summary to compare your engagement over time.



The key take away here is this- remember quality is always better than quantity when it comes to social media followers. “Bot accounts” are a real thing, and most likely there are a few following your account. Sort through your followers and engage with the active ones. And don’t forget to take advantage of the apps and analytics tools that are free to you!

If you want to know more on how to grow the right social media following, feel free to contact us!