About the Client:

The Art of Medicine is Philadelphia’s only outpatient USP 800 compliant compounding pharmacy. They specialize in compounding unique and specialized formulations for both humans and veterinary patients.

The Art of Medicine utilizes Bad Rhino’s team for all of their on-going social media strategy and execution. 


The Art of Medicine is compounding their own male hair loss formula and before launching, wanted to test the market through a social media campaign. Their budget for this campaign is minimal (up to $100) and the audience would start off with men in the Philadelphia area.

Bad Rhino’s Suggestion:

We decided that given the smaller budget, we could utilize Instagram’s poll feature in a stories ad.  

        • A custom graphic would be developed by Bad Rhino and set up to be sized correctly for Instagram Stories.


        • Bad Rhino would set up and optimize the Interactive Poll in the ad settings to provide an easy to navigate poll for our audience.


        • We would run the initial campaign for $75 over 5 days and target males aged 24-45, within 35 miles of Philadelphia, and use specific hair loss interest keywords in our targeting




Campaign Results: 

Bad Rhino and the client were extremely pleased with the results. With only $75 spent, we gained 1,254 total Poll Responses and the campaign reached 39,608 men in our target group.

  • Yes Responses: 211 (16.83%)
  • No Responses: 1,043 (83.17%)
  • Total Responses: 1,254

Analysis on Poll Response:

It was assumed that we would receive many more “No” responses than “Yes” responses, but we did not expect such a high number of total responses for only $75. To learn that 211 men would be interested in the product and to spend only $75 to gain that insight was extremely valuable to the client.

Retargeting in the Future:

One of our goals for this campaign was to build a retargeting audience to use for the official product launch. Those who viewed the campaign and those who responded will be part of our audience targeting when the product is ready. By then, it’s possible that a portion of the “No” responses may be ready to change their answer or will know someone who does need the product.


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