5 Quick Steps to Protect Your Facebook Ad Campaigns From the iOS 14 Update

As you're probably aware by now, the new iOS 14 update is here and it brings challenges for businesses to advertise to their Facebook audience Users of iOS 14 will be able to opt out of ad tracking...

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Our Guide To Influencer Marketing

The term “Influencer” is no new term, especially in the digital marketing world Every social media platform you scroll on, you're met with influencers They're everywhere Brands are...

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Clubhouse Announces Accelerator Program For Creators

In celebration of their first anniversary, CEO Paul Davison of Clubhouse, has announced the voice-chat app’s first creators program Clubhouse's creators program, "Creator First" will help...

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How To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Your business listing on Google My Business (GMB) offers a snapshot of your brand and what services you provide to consumers Officially known as your Business Profile, this listing needs to be...

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How To Use Instagram’s New Live Room Feature

It is finally here, an update that has been highly requested by Instagram users! Instagram has announced a new way to go live on the platform - Instagram Live Rooms With the addition of...

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5 Ways to Include Pinterest In Your Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is generally associated as being the "go-to" site to find home decor or recipes, however, it is now home to photos, graphics, links and inspiration for anything you want to find Most...

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Instagram’s Algorithm Will No Longer Promote Reels With Tik Tok Watermarks

  After six months of Reels being launched in the US, Instagram is now changing their algorithm to dismiss those videos posted with the TikTok watermark Users posting the videos on Reels...

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How Digital Marketing Will Shift In 2021

The digital landscape is saturated with competitors thanks to COVID and now more than ever, businesses are using social media to market their brand The pandemic forced businesses across all...

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Why Social Media Videos Are So Valuable For Small Businesses

Guest blog submission from Mackenzie Scott A strong social strategy is pivotal in any marketing campaign To expand outreach in an already competitive landscape, small businesses are...

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How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Brand

TikTok is the hottest new platform on social media that has been downloaded over 15 billion times globally and has over 500 million monthly active users There’s plenty of opportunities for...

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