5 Types of Images That Boost Engagement and Sales on Social Media

There’s no denying that capturing your social media audience’s attention is becoming harder every day. With so much content consistently being pushed out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other…

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Bad Rhino Named a Top Philadelphia Agency by Clutch.co!

Bad Rhino Named a Top Philadelphia Agency by Clutch.co! As we employ our expertise to make companies stand out, our hard work has paid off. Bad Rhino has been recognized by Clutch as industry leaders…

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Social Media Case Study: Social Media for Breweries

It's always a win for Bad Rhino when our clients have great products. And it's an even bigger win when that product is a variety of quality beers for us to taste. That's one reason our team was…

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Podcast: How to Immediately Capture the Attention of Your Audience on Social Media

Co-Founder & CEO of Bad Rhino Inc. Marty McDonald, is sharing his wealth of knowledge on this episode of the Garlic Marketing show. If you’re struggling with to stand out on social media this is…

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How to Top Off Your Brewery Marketing with Social Media Content

How to Top Off Your Brewery Marketing with Social Media Content In a world centered around social media, it’s hard to ignore. It’s where people go to get information, see what their friends are…

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Podcast Interview: Marty McDonald interviewed by Jason Swenk

"How Writing a Book Can Generate Leads & Influence" Interviewed by Jason Swenk “Growing a Marketing Agency” (Run Time – 17:31) Are you looking to become the authority in your agency’s niche?…

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Podcast Interview: Social Media Marketing for Podcasters with Marty McDonald

Social Media Marketing for Podcasters Interviewed by Jessica Rhodes “Episode 126: Social Media Marketing for Podcasters” (Run Time – 33:27) Social Media for Podcasters A podcaster’s social media…

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5 Ways to Build Instagram Engagement

Is your business struggling to gain new followers, comments, more likes on your Instagram posts?  If this area is a problem, then it goes without saying that you're not driving traffic and interest…

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Introducing Kassidy, Social Media Intern at Bad Rhino

Hi everybody! My name is Kassidy and I am very excited to be the newest social media intern for Bad Rhino. I am currently a junior at West Chester University and am expecting to graduate in December.…

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4 Ways Restaurants Can Take Better Food Pictures for Social Media

For many restaurant patrons, your social media channels serve as their first experience to your staff, your ambiance, and most importantly, your food. There's much more involved in developing a…

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