Month: September 2011

Facebook’s Facelift Part 1: Why People Should Stop Complaining and Embrace The Change

So f8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, has come and gone and left us tired and confused. I promise that’s the only “Hangover” reference I’m going to make today. Anyway, the top story was Mark Zuckerberg and Andy Sandberg’s awkwardness at the beginning of the keynote. Which was worse, “Zuck dog’s” lame jokes or the uncomfortable […]

How To Maximize The Potential of Your LinkedIn Account

Steph Parker is a public relations and social media professional working in Philadelphia. She truly has a passion for her industry, and loves finding new ways to connect with people in the digital world. You can follow Steph on Twitter @stephparker, or online at LinkedIn is the home of all things professional in the social media world. […]