Month: January 2013

A Twitter Video Service?

Vine Twitter

Twitter has announced the launch of a service, known as Vine, which allows users to post video clips. Vine is a standalone app similar to Instagram, with video clips of no longer than six seconds taking the place of still photography. Users can integrate their account with Twitter and Facebook, and embed their loops in […]

5 Social Media Communities for Authors and Readers

Social media communities are not the same as social networks. They’re online communities that consist of people whose only connection is a similar interest (i.e. minimalism), a cause or project (i.e. green living), or often a craft or hobby (i.e. photography). In an online community, members can post content and engage with each other. In […]

Mobile App Monday – Shopkick

If you love shopping and you love getting paid to shop, then you need the Shopkick app! The app is location-based and depending on where you are, you can walk into local stores and collect points. The points are earned simply by walking into the store entrance or scanning a few items while you make […]

The Benefits of Google+ for Businesses

Brandon Berte is the Social Media Coordinator at Motivators Promotional Products. You can tweet Brandon @MotivatorsPP.     Businesses are just beginning to understand the power of social media. In a way, promoting your brand on the social web helps level the playing field. Smaller companies and organizations can now compete with big brands without having […]

Predictions for Social Media Platforms in 2013

2012 saw the highest rise in social media yet. Pinterest alone grew by a whopping 2000 percent. This leaves the question, what’s coming up in 2013?  Here are my predictions of what we may (or may not) see this year at the main social platforms: Twitter In the first few days of 2013 we heard rumors […]