Month: July 2013

Social Psyche: What Makes Us Go Social

This past week I had a really engaging conversation with someone about my job (I’m a social media specialist). He asked some interesting questions – things like, well, why has social media become so prevalent? What is it about tweeting and iterations of new technology that has consumers so entranced? I had one simple answer […]

How Businesses Can Utilize SlideShare

While SlideShare was originally created to make it easier for employees to share information with one another, it’s since morphed into a unique social media platform. SlideShare is most similar to YouTube in that it allows users to share videos. But there’s more to it than that – users can also post and discuss webinars, […]

How to Effectively Leverage Twitter to Accomplish Your Hiring Initiatives

Lauren Simonelli is the Social Marketing Manager at Gozaik ( and you can tweet her @Gozaik. Let’s face it. You probably won’t know your next hire from a single 140-character tweet, but that should not stop you from using social media to accomplish your hiring initiatives. When used correctly, social media platforms can help you find, engage, […]

Building a Brand through Social Recruiting

Successful branding can lead to more repeat customers, more successful recruiting, and a strong online and offline presence for your business. Many businesses now understand that having their business on social networks contributes to the brand image they want to create. Others understand that social recruiting is a great way to connect with active and […]

3 Ways to Create an Authentic and Consistent Social Media Presence

Companies of all sizes understand the value of building a recognizable brand. Most also realize that social media can play a significant role in this process. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to actually execute and accomplish this goal. One of the most common stumbling blocks is trying to create a brand that’s both authentic and consistent. […]

Instagram Enables Embedding

The ability to embed is another answer to the surging rivalry between Instagram and Vine, which began to enable embedding back in March. Embedding comes three weeks after the much-hyped launch of Instagram’s video sharing.

Graph Search Slowly Rolling Out Across Facebook

Earlier this year, Facebook announced it would be rolling out Graph Search, a new and advanced search function. You may have seen several social media-savvy friends get a head-start on the new product in its infancy and beta stages. But now, Facebook has unrolled Graph Search to a wider audience. Facebook’s search feature has long […]

4 Ways to Grow Your Online Social Presence

As a business, your online social presence needs to be cultivated in order to grow your followers and online communities. How you are seen and perceived by social media users plays a large part in determining the online success of your business or brand. Just as a garden needs to be planted, fertilized, watered, and […]