Graph Search Earlier this year, Facebook announced it would be rolling out Graph Search, a new and advanced search function. You may have seen several social media-savvy friends get a head-start on the new product in its infancy and beta stages. But now, Facebook has unrolled Graph Search to a wider audience.

Facebook’s search feature has long been used to find friends, pages you want to like and much more. Graph Search is taking that to a whole other level. Now, users can have their search uniquely catered to them.

For example, if a user wants to discover new music, a search along the lines of “music my friends like” will return various music pages, and from there, the user can pick what they’re interested in. If a user is looking for a restaurant to eat at, a quick search of restaurants in their city will retrieve various food havens.

“Graph search results are personalized and unique with everyone, based on what has been shared with them,” a post on the company’s Newsroom blog said.

In addition, the search bar has been expanded to dominate approximately two-thirds of the user’s screen, with the notification bars being moved from the left to the right side of the screen.

Graph Search is not yet available to everyone who uses Facebook in the “US English” setting, but that will change over the next several weeks. The company is also in the stages of preparing it for mobile versions, and hopes to roll that out in the next several weeks as well.


Photo credit: Flickr user qiaomeng