The digital landscape is saturated with competitors thanks to COVID and now more than ever, businesses are using social media to market their brand. The pandemic forced businesses across all industries to start selling on social media channels. With more fish in the pond, brands have more competitors than ever.

Let’s take a look at what your digital marketing tactics should focus on in 2021.

Page Speed

With user habits and user needs shifting their consumer consumption to exclusive digital, businesses need to make sure their sites are loading at the fastest speed possible. When a user clicks on your Instagram ad and your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can count on the users to exit, find a competitor, and purchase their product.  

Marginal Gains

With social media constantly changing, it’s not about doing one thing to make your content or ads perform better. Focus on the little details that your competitors aren’t doing. A great image and tantalizing copy accompanied with strategic hashtags aren’t always enough. When analyzing your competitors strategies, look at it from a different angle. What AREN’T they doing? Is there an opportunity there to push your brand to a higher conversion rate? 

Your Google Ranking Is More Important Than Ever

Your rank on Google has always been an important part of a user’s discovery of your brand, but it’s important to be on the first page of Google now more than ever. 75% of users on Google never scroll past the first page.  With all your competitors snuffing up their seo and digital marketing tactics, it’s become more aggressive to get on that first page of Google. To make sure you rank high, focus on your SEO strategy.

Repurpose Old Content

Thanks to the pandemic, marketers saw the pressure of brands constantly pushing out new and unique content and ditching their old categories. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook aren’t penalizing brands for duplicate content, so it’s useful to repurpose old media and present it in a new way. For example, you can take your videos and resize them for Instagram Stories. Grab sound bytes from videos or podcasts and add them to new imagery to create new content. You can also repurpose older product photos and add new captions to create an entirely new post.


What matters most to users isn’t the array of backlinks, but the quality of those backlinks. Search engines will be taking their quality into account and optimizing for user experience. If you’re putting 20 backlinks into your blogs every time, especially when they aren’t useful to viewers, search engines will notice this and it can hurt your standing and rank. User habits are evolving and it’s the quality that matters most to them.

The Power of Your Brand

No matter which platform you’re trying to leverage, it’s easier to get followers and more eyes if you’re posting as a brand with an aligned strategy.. Brands/Business pages have more power in the digital landscape than regular/individual/personal/accounts, so be sure to create and optimize those professional brand accounts to the best of your ability. 

Your customers trust brands and professional pages more than personal/individual accounts on social media, so use that real estate to your advantage and see more conversions. Focus on the quality of your content, not volume, as well as the messaging and the specific information you’re sharing. 

With all the digital marketing shifts we are already seeing this year, it can feel like a daunting task to get your brand elevated above your competitors. Are you unsure where to start with your 2021 digital marketing strategy? Contact the Rhinos and we can set you up for success