Being used by over a billion people, Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms currently. The Stories feature of Instagram might have been added a few years back, but it is already being accessed by over 500 million active users. Whether they’re for fun or research purposes, Instagram polls are a fun way to engage with your Instagram followers.

What is an Instagram Poll?

With Instagram polls you can customize the question and response choices. For example, you could create a poll on which product your followers like better, A or B. Once your followers start responding to your poll, you can see how many people voted for each option, and who exactly voted for each. After the poll is finished, you can share the results with your followers as well. Instagram stories last for a total of 24 hours before they expire.

Why are Instagram Polls Important?

Instagram polls allow you to view real-time data that is highly relevant for your business. It allows you to better understand your customers and to get feedback from them all within 24 hours. Another key benefit of Instagram polls is that many followers find them entertaining and enjoy participating in them. They allow you to engage directly with your followers which can create a better relationship with them. You can also use this feature to redirect your followers to your website to drive more traffic.

How to use Instagram Polls

Now that you know how important Instagram polls are, let’s learn how to post them.

  1. Create a story post

First, go to the story feature in the top left corner. Next, choose a background. For this you can use a photo, text, or video as your background. Regardless of what background you choose, make sure to leave room for your poll.

  1. Add a poll

First, click the sticker icon at the top and click poll. After you click this, you can add your question at the top. The poll then gives you the option to choose up to four responses for your followers to choose from. You can also add other widgets to your story with the poll as well. You can add music, location, tag people, add emojis, add other stickers, and more.

  1. Post your poll

Once you have your poll positioned, the last step is to post your poll. You do this by adding it to your story. After you do this, your audience will be able to see and engage with the poll.

Other tips and Benefits of Instagram Polls

The data you get from your Instagram story is available within 24 hours of it being posted, the data is extremely easy to use and understand. You can use the feedback from your poll to help influence business decisions. A great way to boost poll engagement is to create polls around topics that are trending. For example, if there’s a big sports game coming up such as the Superbowl, you can create a poll around that game. People tend to get very excited and enthusiastic about trending topics, so you then may be able to increase the amount of poll responses by making the polls with those topics. Instagram polls are a win/win situation. You win by getting extremely valuable data from your followers and by creating higher levels of engagement. Your audience wins by being able to give their opinions.

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