A beauty brand without a social media page is like a customer buying a shirt without seeing what it looks like first. It just doesn’t make much sense. In today’s world, a social media presence is crucial for the success of a business, especially those that offer more visual products like clothing and makeup. A strong social media marketing strategy for your beauty brand can lead increased exposure, brand loyalty, and ultimately more revenue for your business. To successfully promote your beauty brand on social media, try to follow some of these tips below.


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Be Consistent

Consistency is key for any business on social media. When promoting your beauty brand on your socials, you’ll want to try to be as consistent as you can to build trust with your customers. Consistency takes on many forms in social media. You’ll want to post the same number of times each week as well as keep a consistent voice in your post copy. To take consistency a step further for your beauty brand, you’ll want to stick to similar filters and color schemes to keep your profile aesthetically pleasing.


Promote Your Clean Ingredients

Nowadays, consumers are very health conscious and aware of what goes into the products they are purchasing. So, if you have beneficial natural ingredients or a beauty brand that is focused on cruelty-free products, then be sure to make it known! In addition to your actual product, don’t forget to mention if your packaging is made from recyclable or biodegradable items. Promoting your environmentally friendly products can attract new customers for your beauty brand and build more loyalty with your current customers.




Unless you have an extremely, extremely fancy beauty brand, odds are normal, everyday people are going to be using your products. So, posting high-quality photos of models with your products may not always send the right message. User-generated content, or UGC, on your profile adds a level of authenticity to your profile that draws consumers in. It allows other consumers to see that similar people are also using and enjoying your products.

Another great way to promote your beauty brand is to include testimonials in your profile. Pair a selfie of a customer with their review of your products in the copy or in a graphic. Testimonials help build your brand’s trust and relationships with your customers. If you are new to UGC, learn more about what it is and how to use it on your profile here.


Share Before and After or Tutorial Videos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video can be worth a million! Instagram Reels, TikToks, and other videos on social media platforms have become increasingly popular. The beauty industry is extremely image and video-oriented, so be sure to take full advantage. Not everyone who buys your makeup or beauty products will be a professional at using them, so tutorials are a great way to build relationships with your customers while boosting your profile.

Who doesn’t love a good transformation video? Grabbing quick videos of clients before and after using your product and putting them together can be a great way to spice up your profile. It gives other customers the opportunity to see the true effects of products and what they can do for them.

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