Shopping online has become more popular now than ever. Nowadays, people usually don’t just stroll around stores hoping to find something they like. Customers tend to have already done their research online and then purchase in-store, or just purchase directly from your website. While most customers do this all year round, it becomes even more apparent during the holiday seasons. Customers will search for gifts online for their loved ones and either go to purchase the product in store or ship it directly to their home. So, to take advantage of this influx of online traffic, ensure that your business’ online presence is ready to go. However, that doesn’t just mean your website. Your business’ social media presence is crucial to help boost your holiday sales. Use these four tips below to leverage your social media this holiday season.


Use Stories to Highlight Products

Stories, particularly Instagram Stories, have become a very tool to increase product awareness, link clicks, and more. They are very simple to create as well! During the holidays, you can use stories to highlight a certain product, a gift guide page on your website, or to advertise a current sale. You’ll obviously want to include an image or graphic of some kind related to the product or products, but we also recommend that you use stickers to enhance your story. As shown below, there are hundreds of stickers related to the holidays and sales that you can use. You can even include link stickers that allow users to go directly to your website from the story.

Use Social to Boost Holiday Sales


Share Behind-The-Scenes Content

Around the holidays, people prioritize spending time with their loved ones. You want your customers to know that you and your employees are doing the same! No one wants to buy from a company that is working their employees to the bone around the holidays. So, if you throw an annual holiday party or have a gift exchange around the office, be sure to snap a few photos to post on social media! You can also use polls or fun post copy to get more into the holiday spirit! Ask questions that are non-sale related, such as “What is your favorite Christmas tradition?” or “Tag a friend you want to build a gingerbread house with!”.



Advertise your Holiday Sales and Promotions on Social

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the most popular shopping days of the year! Thousands of businesses have sales and promotions all weekend long to attract customers both online and in-store. Before people go out shopping, most turn to social media and search engines to find where the best deals are. So, make sure your social is advertising what sales and promotions you may have around the holidays! Canva is a great resource that you can use to create graphics promoting your sales. You’ll want to promote your promotions on your feed posts, stories, and website to attract as many customers as possible!



Create Gift Guide Carousels

People LOVE gift guides. It’s that simple. There are gift guides…Use Social to Boost Holiday Sales

  • For Her
  • For Him
  • For Food Lovers
  • For Music Lovers
  • For Your Dog
  • And So Much More

Whether your business is in apparel, beauty, jewelry, or something else, you are probably able to create some type of gift guide out of your products. The ability to select multiple images to be published in one post gives you the opportunity to create great gift guides for your followers. The first image of your carousel can be a graphic that highlights the subject of your gift guide, and then the rest can be images of the products you think fit best! You can even direct customers back to your website to view the full gift guide or shop your products.



If you’re struggling with achieving results from your social media around the holidays (or all year round), let Bad Rhino help you out.