Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and seen that little blue or grey check mark next to the profile? Of course you have! It catches our attention, we click on the profile, and everything seems so official. That little check mark adds all the glitz and glamour to the celebrity and big company profiles we admire. But how did they get it? You’ve now been introduced to Facebook Verification.

What is Facebook Verification?

If you’re a small company or a growing influencer, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I will be covering both blue and grey checks, what those checks mean, and how to get those checks; in other words, how to get verified. Now, let’s get official.

The Blue Check

All of those big name people or companies you see out there in the world of social media with that fancy blue check? They got it because they’re official. The proof is in the pudding; their Facebook account is well organized, they have a large following, they have great engagement, and they have evidence of their success; their worthiness of verification. That’s what the blue check mark means; you’re big, you’re successful, and you’re official.

The Grey Check

Small businesses and growing influencers, I know what you’re thinking! But there is still hope! There is still the grey check! I’m sure some of you have been scrolling through Facebook and seen the grey little check mark next to a profile name. If you haven’t, see it on our page! Anyway, that grey check is just as powerful as the blue one in the world of dream chasers. If you recently launched a startup or you’re just getting started on your road to glory, the grey check should be your first goal. All it takes is an official profile like Bad Rhino’s, an official location, engagement, recognition, and continued growth. However, if you’re an influencer or an individual you will need way more engagement and followers! If you think you’re at that point, read on. If you’re not, read on and prepare. Greatness awaits!

How to Get Facebook Verified

First things first, we all know Facebook controls everything. So, if you end up with an unpleasant, unexpected result, do not be dismayed. Keep working, keep growing, and you can request verification again. Now that that’s out of the way, I will take you through the process step-by-step.

STEP 1:  Click on Settings at the top of the page

Facebook Verification entering settings Luke McCallion

STEP 2: Are you ready to give it a go? If so there will be a Page Verification option below Page Visibility. Click on it!

STEP 3: Click “Verify this Page” and you’ll find two options to verify your page. The example below is from Bad Rhino’s Facebook, which has already been verified as it shows. If your page is not verified, it will say, “Page is not verified.”

  • Instant Verification – If you choose this option you will be asked to submit your phone number and in turn submit the verification code they supply you with.
  • Official Document Verification – If this option is chosen you will need to submit an image of an official document with your business name and location stated clearly

STEP 4: The waiting game! This can take anywhere from 48 hours to 4-5 days.

The Results

Finally, you now know how to get Facebook verified. If you still have questions regarding Facebook Verification, marketing, or any other concerns contact us here!