Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Mooney and I am super excited to be joining Bad Rhino this summer as a Digital Marketing Intern. I am currently living in Downingtown and will be going into my senior year at Penn State where I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Management Information Systems. 

I have had a few different positions throughout my time at Penn State. Since my sophomore year, I have run the Old Row Penn State accounts and have created content for the pages relating to the events happening around campus, especially sports and entertainment. I also worked with now Green Bay Packers QB, Sean Clifford, and his NIL agency, Limitless. In this position, I was helping a PSU volleyball player create content for her brand deals. Additionally, I work with Buzzin Media, a TikTok advertising agency to help find brands to work with in the food and alcohol industries. I also now help run a Penn State account for LineLeap, an app that allows people to pay to skip the lines at bars and purchase drinks directly on the app. My team creates content about the bar life at Penn State and gets videos from the events happening there such as bar crawls, shows, etc. 

My passions outside school and work include hanging out with my friends both here in West Chester or down the shore as well as Philly and Penn State sports. I enjoy marketing and business and often find it fun especially with the cool experiences I have been lucky enough to have. I look forward to my time here at Bad Rhino and am eager to learn.