Instagram Tests Hiding “Likes”

As of April, Instagram rolled out a new feature exclusively for Canadian users. This test group experienced Instagram without the "like" feature. Now after a few months of experiencing Instagram…

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5 Apps To Improve Your Social Media Content

The app store is your new best friend when it comes to tools to help improve your social media content! If your looking for ways to switch up the social media content you are posting, the free apps…

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Twitter Has Removed Precise Location Tagging

Twitter has officially retired a feature where users could tag their precise location in tweets. Before, users were able to tag their precise location down to exact latitude and longitude. This…

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Instagram’s Music Sticker Now Adds Option to Include Lyrics

Instagram’s music story sticker was just updated to allow users to include the lyrics to the songs they choose for stories. This music sticker first launched last summer.  Here’s how to add the…

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How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and seen that little blue or grey check mark next to the profile? Of course you have! It catches our attention, we click on the profile, and everything…

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How to Use Facebook Saved Audiences

Wouldn’t it be nice if, as a business owner or marketer, you could drop your product or service in the face of every potentially interested customer? Well, you can with Facebook Saved Audiences and…

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5 Reasons Bad Rhino Starts with a Social Media Audit

  Before designing a social media marketing strategy for our clients, we always start with a comprehensive social media marketing audit. Before Bad Rhino started adding audits into the process,…

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How to Get Started With Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights are a great tool that your business might be forgetting to utilize. Gone are the days of stories disappearing after 24 hours, Instagram’s highlight stories tool allows…

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4 Ways You Can Increase Your Twitter Followers Organically

As a platform that sees 5,787 tweets every second, Twitter continues to be an important space for brands to make an impression on potential customers. But a Twitter with no followers is like a store…

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An Inside Look: Bad Rhino’s Process For Finding Profitable Ads For Our Clients

Most growing businesses don't know or understand what really goes into digital marketing, much less the process it takes to find profitable ads then scaling it. In the next few minutes I'm going to…

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