How to Build Buzz Around Your Brand With Facebook Contests

Who doesn't like a contest?  Maybe a better question to ask is, who DOES like contests?  Well, here's the answer: Your fans, followers, friends, and connections are all fans of entering into contests…

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Facebook’s Facelift Part 1: Why People Should Stop Complaining and Embrace The Change

So f8, Facebook's annual developer conference, has come and gone and left us tired and confused. I promise that’s the only “Hangover” reference I’m going to make today. Anyway, the top story was Mark…

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How To Maximize The Potential of Your LinkedIn Account

Steph Parker is a public relations and social media professional working in Philadelphia. She truly has a passion for her industry, and loves finding new ways to connect with people in the digital…

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3 Great Online Communities for Fashion Bloggers

Christa is a 24 year old graphic designer. She moonlights as a fashion blogger and in her spare time, enjoys running, practicing yoga, and the Food Network. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter…

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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship (Video Intro)

My first official foray into Bad Rhino blogging! Why not do it a bit different and start with a video? Don't worry, short, sweet and to the point. Want to know how I got here, sitting in my dorm…

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Working with Your Social Media Consultant: Do’s & Don’ts

Alisha Miranda is a freelance writer and social business consultant. With over 5 years of start-up experience, she’s turned her wealth of DIY knowledge into a full-time solopreneur career coaching…

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It’s Not Magic: How to Become an Expert in Your Niche

Michelle Bizon is a recent Ithaca College journalism graduate, passionate about social media, communications and higher education. At any given moment, she’s probably cheering on the Phillies,…

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Quick Tip: How to Delete a Facebook Page

We were recently called on to help one of our clients delete one of the Facebook pages associated with their account.  While deleting a page may seem like an easy task, I'm not sure many people have…

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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Blog’s Reach

Laura-Lee Walker is the blogger behind Mybeak Social Media, where she helps folks navigate the world of technology, especially social media, by creating a fun space for her community to read, share,…

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7 Harsh Truths About Social Media

The following guest blog post is written by Ross Simmonds, a self described Modern-Day Adman, Entrepreneur and Blogger. Ross is passionate about digital marketing, the resurgence of cool and…

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