Snapchat just made it easier to navigate the app and find groups, friends, discover publishers and Our Stories by launching a universal search bar that’s always accessible at the top of the app. This new feature is rolling out soon to all iOS and Android users, allowing you dig out the best content and conversations on Snapchat.

The app told TechCrunch that this interface is designed for speed, so you can locate what you’re looking for and keep snapping. The visual style and “Quick Chat” suggestions will let you go to a particular friend;s message thread or story a lot faster.

Improved search could be a huge benefit to brands, businesses and influencers hoping to build their Snapchat audience. Snapchat is also now allowing people anywhere at any time to submit to Our Story, the app’s curated and themed slideshows of different events, holidays and more. Users won’t have to pick a specific Our Story to submit to use, instead they can opt in to Snapchat being able to use their posts as it wants. Snapchat can then figure out how it wants to aggregate the content, allowing it to create Our Stories based on different submission trends. Snap Inc. tells TechCrunch that now it won’t be restricted to building Our Stories only from pre-selected events or locations where it expects something special to occur.

The surprisingly swift success of the Snapchat Stories clone Instagram Stories now poses a threat. Instagram’s version of their stories just hit 150 million daily users, the same number as Snapchat. To keep creators and common users loyal to their platform, Snapchat needs to keep building their audience hoping that the universal search could be the answer.