TikTok has quickly become a powerhouse in the social media world. Originally made for personal use and self-expression, businesses and influencers have taken over the platform to market their products or services. Users’ for-you-pages will consist of organic videos tailored to their interests and social ads made by businesses. They will use their content to attract viewers to their website and or other social profiles to purchase products. Now, TikTok has made it even easier by allowing users to purchase goods without ever leaving the app.


They launched “TikTok Shops” in the United States earlier this month after experimenting in the UK and Southeast Asia. TikTok Shops is a separate tab on your business’ profile where users can browse and purchase your products.

TikTok Shopping


TikTok Shops has the potential to be a very powerful tool in the eCommerce world… If it can work smoothly. Technical difficulties and internal issues filled the new feature when it was first lunched in the UK. Hopefully TikTok took the time to fix any bugs before beginning to launch in the US.

TikTok is putting a large focus on in-app shopping with this new feature, which is only going to attract more businesses and influencers to the platform. If everything goes according to plan, TikTok will be a gold mine for brands and a serious threat to other social media platforms.

If you interested in putting your business on TikTok, learn how to get started here.