Twitter has officially retired a feature where users could tag their precise location in tweets. Before, users were able to tag their precise location down to exact latitude and longitude.

This comes as a response to the lack of use of the feature. Twitter explained this action by saying,


Although users can no longer tag their precise location in Tweets, they can still mark their location by using the Twitter camera. 

The ability to tag precise locations was a tool which helped authenticate a Tweet’s credibility. But, this feature has also posed privacy issues in the past. Some people Tweeting with the “Tweet with a location” setting on were unknowingly sharing their location. Although the feature offered great services to journalists for example looking to find news in precise locations, it was not the safest feature for the average user. 

Twitter users have always had the ability to opt out of location-sharing. If you have any questions about location-sharing settings, feel free to contact us.