There has been a lot of news surrounding Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, over the past few months. Most revolving around his decisions about the operations and regulations of Twitter. From the certified check marks to lifting thousands of bans, Twitter has been a focus in the social media world. In 2023, it doesn’t seem to be much different. Musk has been working on rolling out some new Twitter updates to start off the new year. Some old, some new, but all updates may be game changers for users. View three of Twitter’s updates below.



The bookmark update consists of a bookmark icon in the upper right corner of a tweet that will give you the option to essentially save the tweet. Bookmarks are private and can be used when a user wants to view the tweet at a later time. These bookmarks can then be added to different folders if you wish to create folders for tweets that you save. As shown below, the bookmark feature will be simple for users to utilize.

Twitter Updates

Musk believes that more users will engage with tweets with the added bookmark feature. He is even considering including the number of bookmarks in a tweet’s like count and engagement statistics.



Long-Form Tweets

Twitter Updates

To avoid users navigating to other platforms to consume content, Musk has decided that he wants to increase the character limit from 280 to 4,000. Short text has been a foundational element of Twitter from the beginning, so long-form tweets will be a game changer. When creating a long-form tweet, you’ll want to take note that the first 280 characters will be visible on the timeline, and then users will have to select the “Show More” option to continue reading.

The new feature will give users much more room to express themselves or highlight their products or services they may be offering. However, it has raised concern that the long-form tweets are going to disrupt the flow of a Twitter feed. For example, if a user reads the first 280 characters and then clicks the “Show More” button to find 3,720 more characters, there is going to be a lot of scrolling involved whether the user wants to finish reading the tweet or not.

Long-form tweets are still being considered and have yet to go live on any user’s feed. There have been mixed feelings from users about the potential feature, so it will be interesting to see what Musk ultimately decides.



Alternative FeedsTwitter Updates

This feature is more of a re-launch than an update. Back in March of 2022, Musk launched the swipe-able feed alternatives, giving users two different feeds. The original being Tweets in chronological order and the other being “Top Tweets”, such as Tweets that are liked by a user’s connections, Tweets from the past that were engaged with, etc. When it first launched, users made it very clear that they did not like the “Top Tweets” timeline and want their main feed to consist of the latest tweets.

However, that has not stopped Musk. Last week, Musk confirmed that he is bringing back the alternative feed feature once again. Hopefully, Musk took users’ opinions about the feature into account and will make improvements before rolling it out again.



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