Guest blog submission from Mackenzie Scott

A strong social strategy is pivotal in any marketing campaign. 

To expand outreach in an already competitive landscape, small businesses are allocating a significant portion of their budget to social media marketing efforts. In fact, eMarketer reported that social media ad spend is slated to reach about $49 billion in 2021. 


The year-over-year increase in ad spend signals that businesses are prioritizing social media content more than ever before. 


The reason? By tapping into cross channel marketing, it’s possible to strategically drive more traffic from one channel (let’s say Facebook) to another (the pricing page).


But in order to lead prospects down this conversion funnel, small businesses need to optimize the content that they share with target audiences.


Herein lies the value of social media videos. 


Not only is video an integral marketing tool for 86% of businesses, social media videos in particular are 12 times more effective than text and images at reaching larger audiences through social sharing. 

With 3.96 billion worldwide social media users, expanding audience outreach as a small business is possible but highly competitive. 

This article details exactly why small businesses should be more intentional about integrating social media videos into their content strategies. 

And to give you a competitive edge, we also share a resource that is specifically-designed to elevate brands like yours.


The Production Side Of Social Strategy


Before delving into why social media videos are effective tools for small businesses, it’s important to understand the basics and logistics of social media video production.  


Depending on the scale of your business, you might have the budget and expertise to operate a major production setup.


Though top-of-the-line cameras, audio gear, and equipment enhance the video production process, you can make an engaging video with the gear your team already has on hand (i.e., a smartphone, tripod, props, etc.). 


With good lighting and some post-production work, you’re able to create video content that appeals to your target audience — informing, entertaining, or advertising a product to them. 


But to actually distribute new content on social media platforms, you have to abide by the formatting rules and regulations set in place by each platform. 


To help you do just that, Facebook provides detailed design recommendations for video ads. And this resource offers video tips for platforms such as Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

With Optimized Social Media Videos, Small Businesses Can… 


Reach Growth Goals & ROI 


The majority of B2B marketers (73%) report that video has a direct and positive impact on their ROI. 


Not only does video content help you attract and nurture new leads, it can boost traffic by 300% — leading more visitors to your business’s website where they can learn about the services and, ultimately, convert into new customers. 


When it comes to engaging with more of your target audience through video content, quality outperforms quantity. On average, social media videos that are two minutes or less receive the most engagement from users.  


At the same time that optimized video content engages users, it also has the ability to sway purchasing decisions.


According to this source, 64% of customers claim that videos influence their buying behavior and make them more inclined to purchase a product or service. 


A larger population (90%) agrees that video content helps them feel more informed when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. 


By including more video content in your social strategy, you can better inform, entertain, and incentivize prospective customers to learn more about your small business. 

Build A More Successful Marketing Campaign


By regularly tracking engagement analytics, you can gage the success of your social media videos and refer to this data when planning new video content. 


A social media user that views your video can become a new visitor on your blog or a new customer on your main website if you promote these other channels on social media.


With a cross channel marketing strategy, you’re able to meet your target audience where they are and chart out a clear conversion path from that initial point of connection. 

A Social Strategy That Converts Followers Into Customers


With any business venture, you have to know the market before you can lead it. 


In pursuit of quarterly goals and ROI, the last thing that you want is to stretch your marketing team thin and miss the mark. Even with a fully staffed team, it’s not always feasible to manage various channels, initiatives, and projects at the same time. 


As your team prioritizes certain projects and channels, others may be left by the wayside.


To accelerate the growth of your business’s social media channels — and convert more followers into customers — collaborating with an agency like Bad Rhino is an effective and strategic next step to take. 


There’s a clear demand for more video content on social media and other channels of communication. In fact, 80% of consumers assert that they want brands to place more credence in video content and provide it more consistently. 


By including and optimizing social media videos in your social strategy, you can market your small business’s services more effectively to stand out among competitors.


Mackenzie Scott is a copywriter with Soundstripe, a royalty-free music and stock media company. From royalty free rock music to stock video, Soundstripe provides creators with the resources they need for video and podcast production.