Facebook Facebook has been encouraging that its users move to Facebook Messenger (and now the encouragement has stopped). iOS and Android Facebook App users are now forced to download Facebook Messenger if they’d like to receiver or send messages to their Facebook friends.

An Email sent on Monday by Facebook announced that messages would no longer be able to be read or sent on the iOS and Android Facebook App (but for the moment Facebook messaging would still be a function on the Windows Phone App, iPad and web).

Facebook Messanger, which has been around since 2011, is promised to be a faster and more reliable tool than its predecessor, and offers additional actions such as video and voice calling.

While all these may look like advances to make the customers experience with Facebook and its messaging component easier, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recently may have shown the forced change to be an attempt at monetizing the app (though this may be ways away).

Whether it is a money-making attempt or just an honest push for an even more user-friendly system, people are not happy about the change and are very reluctant to download Messenger.

What’s Facebook’s answer to those who still do not want to download Messenger? The answer (and the kicker) is that once messaging is completely stopped on the main Facebook App, it will still give notifications of received messages but not allow you to view them. Checkmate Facebook.