On September 16th, Facebook made an announcement about a slew of new Facebook business connection tools to help “improve business results with business communications, new tools like Work Accounts, as well as supporting businesses with new cost savings and discovery experiences.” The company is trying to boost businesses and recently added in Facebook Shops to encourage more eCommerce.

What are the new tools and what do they do?

Click-To-Message Ad Options

This tool aims to “start valuable conversations” through Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp. The new update allows for people to choose from all the messaging platforms where they’re an available option. Facebook also has the option to choose the most likely to be used chat option to set as your default.

WhatsApp Chat From Instagram

Many companies use Instagram to sell their products and as a place for customers to find new brands. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is being used for customer questions and communication with the business. Facebook is making it easier for businesses by adding a WhatsApp “click-to-chat” button to Instagram profiles. This way, the process between the two platforms can be connected.

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

Facebook is still testing a tool that allows businesses to pick 4-5 questions to start a conversation with a customer. This simplifies requesting a quote from a business on Facebook by using a questionnaire on Messenger. Facebook plans on potentially expanding this feature to Instagram in the coming months.

Also, Facebook is testing both paid and unpaid tools that will use lead generation (the process of building interest in a business’s products or service) on Instagram to make ads more personal and impactful. 

Managing Communication Efficiently

Facebook plans on using new technology, like automation, to make management of communication easier. The platform is testing out ways for businesses to email through Inbox and send emails from Facebook Business Suite. This update is accompanied by the new tool File Manager. The tool allows businesses to create, manage and post content within Facebook Business Suite. Facebook is even adding a feature to let businesses test and compare different version of posts to find out the which is most engaging.

Greater Control with Work Accounts

Facebook announced they’re testing a new Work Accounts feature that lets business owners use a Business Manager account without a personal account. Now, they’ll be able to manage the accounts on behalf of employees and use single sign-on integrations.

They ended their announcement by saying this:

“Today is just a step towards the future we’re building for and with businesses in this next era of personalization and we’ll share more on this as it progresses.”

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