Video calling has become massively popular and necessary in recent times. The screen sharing feature is a staple of the video conferencing platform, “Zoom.” Now Facebook Messenger has stepped up their game and introduced their latest feature to compete with platform that amassed over 300 million daily users in April.

Now when Messenger users are calling a friend either one on one, in a group or even in a Messenger room, they will have the ability to share the screen of their mobile device with those on the call. Once screen sharing is enabled, others on the call will be shown whatever you navigate on your own mobile device. Say you start scrolling through your camera roll or Instagram feed, anyone on this call will be able to see just that!

Here’s How to Utilize Screen Sharing on Facebook Messenger

  1. Open messenger and start a call.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and tap “share your screen”.
  3. Tap “start sharing”.


It’s as easy as that! This new Messenger tool can be a great way to make a video call a collaborative process and a great way to connect. Whether your catching up with family or using this feature in a more professional manner- this tool can be a great addition to any video call!

Let us know how you use Facebook Messenger video calling!