If you’re not familiar with Facebook Creator Studio yet, chances are you will be soon. Creator Studio brings together all the tools needed to effectively post, manage, monetize and measure content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. With a clean and simple interface, you’ll be able to navigate through all of the important elements.

Creator Studio can be accessed by visiting Facebook.com/CreatorStudio, or you can go to your Facebook Page, go to “Publishing Tools” and under “Tools” click on “Creator Studio.” But before you get started, read along for a brief rundown of everything Facebook Creator Studio has to offer.


When you access Creator Studio, you will first see the “Home” tab that gives you a timeline of any page you manage, and allow you to create content for them. You can also get a brief summary of page stats, posts and monetization.

From there, you can navigate to the different areas of Creator Studio.

Content Library

The Content Library tab gives you an overview of all videos, photos, links and text posts from your Facebook Pages. You’ll be able to see all posts for all pages, or filter to see posts from specific Page(s). The Content Library also allows you to see insights so you can take actions on individuals posts like editing, boosting, or deleting.

At any time, you are able to create posts in Facebook Creator Studio using the “Create Post” button. From here, you can bulk upload multiple videos at once, cross-post content to multiple Pages, and schedule, backdate and save posts as drafts.




Insights are the most useful and important part of any digital marketing efforts. The Insights section in Facebook Creator Studio shows you how your content is performing. You’ll be able to get metrics on your estimated earnings, and discover advanced insights about your audiences.

The Insights tab includes the following sections:

  • Performance: Get metrics on the performance of your videos, shared videos, and the videos you cross-post across all of your Facebook Pages.
  • Loyalty: Track when you gain new followers, how often they’re watching, and when people are returning to watch most often.
  • Audience: See Demographic information on the people who view your content and follow your Pages.
  • Earnings: See earnings insights from your ad breaks videos or fan subscriptions.


The Inbox tab let’s you manage your Facebook Page messenger inbox, as well as comments from your Facebook and Instagram posts.

You can organize your inbox into different categories and take these specific actions ➡️




The Inbox feature is also great for marketers looking to increase their response rate for Instagram comments. Brands with a big following would be able to stay on top of all engagement, which can sometimes be a challenge in the mobile app.


Monetization Overview helps partners earning money on Facebook better understand their performance across all their monetization products. You can monetize your page by allowing ads to display before, after or around your content.

Marketers are able to:

  • Track performance. Get high-level insights on in-stream ads and fan subscriptions earnings.
  • Check eligibility: See if any content has been flagged for violating our rules for monetization and get details if something is wrong.
  • Get personalized notifications. See status updates for new product on-boarding and tips to help improve your performance.
  • Explore opportunities. Learn more about other monetization products you’re eligible to use and take steps to gaining access.

Rights Manager

Rights Manager is Facebook’s copyright management tool. To use Rights Manager, any admin of your Page will need to apply.

Any admin or editor of your Page can use Rights Manager to:

  • Establish content ownership by uploading reference files.
  • Grant permissions. You can grant permission for certain people, Pages or Instagram accounts to post your videos.
  • Review matching videos that may contain content you own the rights to.

Facebook Creator Studio was designed to declutter your Pages and simplify your life. As a valuable tool, it will become a hub for content management and measurement.

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