Laura-Lee Walker is the blogger behind Mybeak Social Media, where she helps folks navigate the world of technology, especially social media, by creating a fun space for her community to read, share, and experience social media together.  Social Media is her passion, and Laura-Lee has been known to eat it, breath it and have been known to gently caress it.  She has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from S.F.U. She has five years of experience as a marketing professional for a tech company. Laura-Lee is currently taking courses at BCIT to learn more about social media marketing, media techniques and marketing communications.  Connect with her on Twitter and make sure to check out Mybeak!

I’ve seen many high-caliber blogs that never see the light of day. The authors are akin to talented musicians who haven’t found their big break, even if they could sing Lady Gaga under that table.

We live in a world where content is no longer king. Content + reach is king, but how do you maximize the number of eye balls that read your blog post? It’s my secret sauce and here’s my recipe that is unique to my palate, and I encourage you to play around with the ingredients to your liking:

  • Promote your post several times on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This one’s a no brainer, so please withhold judgment. They get better, so stay with me here.
  • Use Tweriod to find out the best times to tweet and to give extra exposure to your blog (we are talking hundreds or even thousand of eye balls—it’s okay to get excited, giddy, even ecstatic – this is your moment). Pre-schedule your tweets at high-traffic times that are unique to your blog.
  • Submit you article to BizSugar to share small business news and tips designed to help small businesses.
  • Re-purpose your article on Ezine. This hasn’t generated huge numbers of traffic and takes a bit of time to learn about the format that is accepted. This step is for those who want to dot their ‘I’s and cross their ‘T’s. This is also a good opportunity to draw attention to your work outside of your blog, say to future employers… Yay you for being published!
  • If you find a group of bloggers on Triberr that are involved in your niche area of interest, request an invite to the group. Remember, being given an invite is the only way of becoming a member of a tribe. Your blog posts are instantly tweeted to all the followers in your network huge possibilities here.
  • Submit your blog to bookmarking sites. Yes, there are many, but posting on every single site is not efficient, meaning many sites don’t give you enough exposure to warrant the efforts. I stick to only a few such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit, with StumbleUpon leading the pack.
  • Post your articles to the community section of Craigslist – this will depend on the nature of your blog. Again, traffic is minimal, but this can give you a bit of an extra punch when your experiencing a drought in traffic.
  • Seek out blog posts / forums and comment with a link to your blog, only if this is relevant and helpful to readers. The goal is to be where ever your noodle is valuable to others.



What’s in your secret sauce? Lets link arms in this often lonely world that is the blogosphere and help each other get our voices heard to ultimately benefit our readers. Go ahead, break the comment’s bubble. Anyone up for a ‘Help I Need Somebody’ sing-a-long?