Have you noticed your view count on your Instagram stories is down? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Millions of Instagram users are noticing changes in how many views their stories have been receiving and the accounts they are from. Not to burst your bubble, but most of the views you may have been getting on your stories could have been from “bot,” or fake accounts. Instagram has since stopped these fake accounts from viewing your story. Now you may be wondering- why would a fake account want to view your stories anyway? It all comes down to those accounts wanting to gain exposure. These strangers watching your stories were essentially paying bot services to view your story in attempt to increase their following. You may miss the higher views you used to get, but having a genuine audience is better your business. This doesn’t mean you wont ever be able to see those numbers again. Here are some tips on how to organically get views back up on your Instagram stories and boost engagement for your account.

1. Encourage Interaction

The more your followers engage with your stories, the more likely the are to show up in their feed. To do this, use the poll, question, emoji slider, quiz or chat stickers. These stickers invite your followers to join the conversation and give you their input. Make them fun, ask for their opinions, or create a fun quiz to see who knows your brand the best. However you decide to utilize these stickers, as long as you have fun with it your followers are sure to engage. A good example of this is a poll I posted on my own Instagram today. Although silly, this poll gave me a good insight into my followers. I can see how many people viewed my story and compare it to how many people actually engaged with the poll. As you can see, 529 people viewed my story but only 158 people voted. This shows me that roughly 30 percent of my followers who saw my story engaged with the poll.


3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to get your Instagram stories seen. By adding a few relevant hashtags, your stories will be discoverable by people looking for similar content! For instance, say you search #westchesterpa, there are 162 thousand posts. But, the stories using the hashtag are filed into their own convenient spot at the top of the page. By making an effort to you hashtags that relate to your content and brand you can increase your exposure to people who are actually interested in your content- not bots.

If you are worried hashtags may throw off the aesthetic of your story, there is one tip you should use.

  1. Choose the photo you want to story.
  2. Type out your relevant hashtags, and pinch them smaller.
  3. Cover the hashtags with a sticker. Done!


3. Drive Followers From Your Feed to Stories

It is possible that your followers are missing your stories because they are not showing up first in their feeds. To combat this issue, drive your followers from your post to your stories. In the caption of your regular feed photos, promote your stories! If you have interesting content in your stories, a poll you would want your followers to vote in, or a story takeover, remind your followers. By posting a photo that correlates to your stories, you can encourage users to check them out! Caption your photo something like “check our stories for more” or “head to our Instagram story to give us your opinion.”

If you want to learn more on how to boost your Instagram stories views, feel free to contact us!