If you haven’t heard of TikTok yet, you are missing out. In short, its a platform where users can share short-form videos and scroll through an endless array of personalized videos. The mobile video app is the second top free app in the App store,ahead of Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, and has over 800 million active users worldwide. Users can scroll through TikTok’s “For You Page” to find an endless stream of personalized videos. Or, find more precise content by heading over to the “Discover Page” to scroll through trending hastags or search for certain content. The best part of the app is that really any one has the chance to viral! So why not get started and post your own TikTok? Here’s how to get started.

What You Need To Know Before You Post Your First TikTok

When you open the app, you have five options- the “Home Page”, the “Discover Page”, “Inbox”, and “Me” (we will get to the fifth one later).

The “Home Page” is where you will see two side-by-side feeds. The one on the left is your “Following” and the right is the “For You” feed. The left will only show you TikToks posted by people you follow and the right is a personalized array of TikToks posted accounts you don’t follow, but may enjoy the content based on previous activity. The “For You Page,” also called the “FYP,” is where you’ll find that viral content.

On the “Discover Page,” you can see a list of the days trending hashtags and scroll through the post filed under each. The “Discover Page” is also where you can search from anything from a song, a topic, or search for user profiles.

On the bottom right of your screen, you have your “Inbox,” which is much like the activity page on Instagram. Here you can see all activity such as new followers, likes and comments. You also access your direct messages here where you can send and recieve TikToks with users.

The “Me” page is your profile with your posted videos and drafts. TikTok also keep a convent file of all the TikToks you have “liked” here, so you can go back and reference long after you scroll past them on the “FYP”. This page is also where you can see your follower to following ratio.

How To Make Your First TikTok

Now that you know basics, lets get into how to make your first TikTok.

This is where that fifth option mentioned earlier comes in. To get started, tap the “+” in the bottom center of your screen.

1.Record Your TikTok

After you tap the “+,” TikTok will open your camera.

On the right side of your screen, you have 5 options.

  • Flip allows you to switch from the front camera to the back camera.
  • Speed will change the speed of your video once your done recording. If you record at 3x speed, your video will be sped up, and .3x will slow your video down.
  • Beauty is basically photoshop for your face. It’ll smooth your face out and overall give you a better appearance.
  • Filters lets chose from a variety of filters to put on your TikTok. You can also add a filter later on, so if you can’t decide on one now you can always do that after you record.
  • Timer also set a timer of either 3 or 10 seconds so you are given a count down before your phone starts recording. Do this by tapping “timer” on the right of your screen.

On the bottom of your screen you have a few more options.

  • Time -Before you start recording, decide if you want your TikTok to be 15 or 60 seconds. You don’t have to use the full amount of time, but this will be the max you can record. Do this by going to the bottom of your screen and swiping from “60s” to “15s” or vice versa.
  • Upload allows you to load previously recorded videos or photos to your TikTok. You can upload multiple at a time by tapping “Multiple” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Effects are where your creativity comes in. There are thousands to choose from. Whether you want to make it look like you are on a tropical island, a grandma, or just make multiple frames- there are so many options to choose from!

With all of these options, play around with what you like and get to recording!

2. After You Record Your TikTok

After you are done recording tap the check on the bottom right of your screen. Now you get to edit! Let’s break down all your editing options.

  1. Sounds– TikTok lets you choose from array of sounds to accompany your video. You can choose from really any song you would find on Apple Music or Spotify. You can search by name or genre, or just explore through the trending sounds! You can also use original sounds from other user’s TikToks. After choosing your soundtrack, you can adjust the volume of your original sound and the song you choose, do that by tapping “volume”. A tip here is if you want your TikTok to get some exposure, try using a trending sound
  2. Effects– Here you can fun visual effects to your video
  3. Text– Here you can type text to put over your video. You can change the font, color and size of the text as well as position where you want on your screen. After you type your text, you can set the duration of where it is on your video. Just do this my holding the text down on your screen and then tap “set duration.”
  4. Stickers- You can also add stickers and emojis to your video.
  5. Filters– This will be found in the upper right hand corner of your screen. These are the same filters you saw before you recorded your video.
  6. Adjust Clips– Allows you to trim your clips. Say you messed up your TikTok towards end the end or started a little too late in the beginning, don’t worry- you can just trim that off!
  7. Voice Effects– If you are speaking in your TikTok this applies voice effects to make you sound like a chipmunk or a robot!
  8. Recording– This is handy if you uploaded a tutorial for example. This button allows you to record a voice over for your TikTok after you are done recording.

3. Posting Your TikTok

Now that you are done recording and editing, you are in the final stage of posting your TikTok! There are a few things you need to do before tapping “post.”

  • Write a Caption- Write a quick description of your video and make sure to include hashtags! If you tap the hashtags button below your description, you will see a list of all the trending hashtags. If you want to have your video discovered try using relevant hashtags as well as trending ones. You also have the option to tag other users in your caption.
  • Select a Cover- Press and hold the “select cover” button on the upper right of your screen. Whatever you pick here will be the image that is displayed on your profile before a user taps on your video. This does not really matter it is just a personal choice!
  • Adjust Privacy Settings- You can make your video public, only visible to friends, or private. You can also turn off comments or other users ability to save your video to their camera roll.

Now you are done! Either save your TikTok to your drafts to post a later time or hit “post” and send it out for the world to see! With how large the TikTok community is, there is really a niche fore everyone. So just get started and be creative!

If you have questions on how TikTok could work for your social media marketing plan feel free to contact us.