TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Ever since TikTok acquired the app Musical.ly for $1 billion in 2017, the video-sharing app’s popularity has grown exponentially. In 2018, TikTok surpassed YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat in worldwide downloads- being downloaded more than 660 million times. Now you may be wondering, what is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

The extraordinarily popular app is being used by many brands to target a new type of audience. TikTok describes themself as “a destination for short form mobile videos.” Although the app may be most commonly used for lip-syncing videos, brands are finding other ways to utilize the app. If your business could benefit from sharing tutorials, demonstrations, or from giving an inside look into your business, you are missing out on the world of TikTok. The app allows users to share short videos, 15 to 60 seconds long, very similar to Vine. 

To get started, install TikTok onto your phone. As you can see, TikTok ranks as the number 1 app in the Top Charts of the App Store. Download the app, create a username, and begin scrolling through the plethora of videos the “For You” page has to offer. The “Discover” section shows you which hashtags are trending. The only way to really understand TikTok is to download the app and look through what other users are posting. 


How to Make Your First TikTok

  1. Open the app and tap the “+” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Record or upload your video. To record, hold down on the red record button.
  3. When done, tap the red check. Add sounds, effects, text or stickers.
  4. Tap “next”.
  5. Add a description, hashtags, and make sure your video is set to “public”.
  6. When ready to upload, press “post”.

That’s it! Get creative with your video. When recording, you can press down the button for as long as you want to record. So, if you want to record a bunch of little snippets to create into one video, hold down the button multiple times and each portion will morph into one. You can enhance your video by using a feature on their effects panel. You can change the speed by slowing your video down or speeding it up. Have some fun by adding a filter too! The TikTok account @HowtoTikTok has great tutorials on how to make your videos perfect and utilize all the features the app has to offer.


Brands On TikTok

Don’t know where to get started or need some ideas for the kinds of videos you should post? Here are some brands doing TikTok right.

1. NBA

The NBA uses TikTok to show highlights from games and gives users an inside look into the NBA universe. Although their videos are more professional than the rest of TikTok, they are a good brand to check out on the app. Say your a fitness studio or gym, take note of how they make short workout videos, maybe you could emulate them in your own TikTok videos!



2. Chipotle

Compared to the NBA’s way of using TikTok, Chipotle’s approach is a little more laid back. Their fun hearted way of using the app has appealed to their almost 150 thousand followers. Take some inspiration from their short tutorials and user generated content. Chipotle also makes great use of hashtags. Using the hashtag, #foryou, is a good way to get yourself discovered on the “For You” page. They also use more brand specific hashtags like #chipotle and #tacotime. Hashtags are an important element of TikTok. Like how you can search hashtags on Instagram or Twitter, you can search them on TikTok.


3. @thelawyer

Yes, even lawyers can use TikTok. Anthony Barbuto who goes by the username @thelawyer, uses the app to share tips as well as a lighthearted inside looks into his office. His videos have become extremely popular on TikTok and he has gained almost 2 million followers. Barbuto links his website and email in his bio, allowing his followers to contact him after coming across his page. This lawyers page is the perfect example of not needing to be a huge brand to gain attention on TikTok. 



4. World of Chantilly Bakery

World of Chantilly Bakery, based out of Brooklyn, New York, has amassed over 16 thousand followers on TikTok. Like many other bakeries using the app, they promote themselves by sharing videos decorating cookies and cakes accompanied by music. Their videos receive thousands of likes and views. If you own a bakery or restaurant, this account is one you need to check out. TikTok is the perfect platform to share small snippets of your behind the scenes process with your customers. Really if your brand has any type of creative process, TikTok is the perfect platform for you. All you have to do is whip out your phone and record a few seconds of your behind the scenes process. The minimum amount of editing is required, and your video can be uploaded easily.



Overall, TikTok is all about finding your niche. Use hashtags that will help people who would be interested in your videos find your page! Be creative and have fun with the app. And most importantly, let us know if you try out TikTok!